Stationmaster net broadcast knowing goddess fraud apologized and surrendered e rent treasure trick e

introduction: off the Baidu "Post Bar door" incident, then ushered in the known goddess of fraud, a business one after another, really make people tired! What’s your opinion?

1.e rent treasure from financial leasing P2P tricky exposure slowing expansion transformation  

over the past month, investors have not reduced the pressure of capital redemption." One involved in financial leasing asset securitization P2P agency official said. He believes that he is also an indirect victim of e rent treasure incident.

previously, e rent treasure has been advertised himself belongs to financial leasing P2P business model, because of its alleged illegal fund-raising investigation by the police, many investors will finance lease P2P and self financing behavior equate withdrawal of hedge funds.

, in turn, thinking, e rent treasure event also contributed to the development of financial leasing class P2P business return to healthy development." The person in charge of the above mentioned. Previously, many Internet financial institutions operating mode is similar to the e rent treasure, more will be leasing P2P business as a gimmick to attract investors, e rent treasure after the outbreak, many institutions began to transition to P2P compliance management.

2 Baidu in addition to sell it events and what rogue behavior?  

believes these days Baidu "sell" events we have heard, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO of Robin Li in 17 held on "future forum 2016" on the matter for the first time to apologize. In fact, all Post Bar I have privately often go to Baidu, the "Post Bar commercial" this matter has already got used to, before the outbreak of hemophilia. "It has a lot of Post Bar is" sell ", overnight bar and bar service all removed, did not mention before the negotiation, but as Post Bar" little people "we can recognize

today, however, I would like to say is not sell it event, but in addition to sell it, but also what Baidu rogue behavior aroused strong indignation of the majority of users. Let’s not black does not matter, holding the break with both hands pulling and pushing, if the summary is not in place also welcomed the audience in the comments below.

3 know goddess fraud: the parties will apologize and surrender  

China the voice of "news" reported that recently, a netizen by well-known online Q & a community know almost published a long article, said he is a suffering from congenital heart disease of female college students, mediocre family, parents to make up the cost of operation and underwent surgery, but suffered surgery failure, unwilling to continue to rely on drugs to maintain life. Since then, a known as Yao Tong almost friends recommend this post, and said he personally went to see the name of the user, in the know almost on the Internet to appeal to their donations.

soon, there are almost informed users that these two people are the same person, and

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