Ali nail 3 released to bring the next ten thousand small and medium enterprises to connect inside an

nail and press conference, and released the 3 version of the nail, and the enterprise service platform function to a higher level, to address the needs of communication on the connection of inside and outside the enterprise stage, and is now a nail stock of 240 small and medium-sized enterprise customer base platform based on.

from the 1 communication, 2 coordination, to connect enterprises inside and outside 3, a nail in a short period of more than a year, is almost a product development and iteration speed in a consumer Internet enterprise service products, has a unique full play routines, speed is amazing, and often there was a surprise, perhaps this is a change of attitude of the performance.

> > > > introduce a new role to achieve internal and external connection


nail 3 release, to "breathe" as the theme, respiratory and circulatory system emphasizes the internal and external communication, strengthen coordination in the stage to consolidate the results, more emphasis on the external environment and enterprise connectivity and interaction, launched many new features, such as external contacts, smart phones, business service window & log; sign, will not have a business function focused on internal staff and boss of two single role, but the company’s clients and partners with external contacts identity into the nail, began extending the internal work mode and the interaction state to the periphery of the enterprise staff.

concern is, this one in the performance of nail functional level upgrade, another point of view, we can still see the nail in the completion of internal communication based on the bottom of the work demand, collaborative open, after attracting enterprises ISV platform extension, has begun to subdivide function requirements of daily business work the company’s assault assault fortified positions, development based on low-level features, to meet the general needs of business users.

and the 3 version of the upgrade, the most notable for the introduction of the term, the so-called "external contacts, simply began to relate to the enterprise customer management system, the core function of the CRM module called the name of enterprise internal and external connection, to redefine the enterprise customer relationship management system (CRM), compared with the characteristics of the Internet to change the format and application environment.

with a fashionable words, nail began to do the new CRM, which also allows the traditional CRM software vendors how to live.

> > > > core pain point cut, in a way to do CRM

however, the introduction of external contacts and external contacts around the role of service window, intelligent office telephone, business and other related ancillary functions, although there are traditional CRM applications, has changed the traditional CRM software to customers as the center for business process design, but with the enterprise employee or business personnel the point of view, to connect with customers and enter >

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