Thunder to pornography and piracy mode profit

Google download portal investment thunder has not escaped from the porn trap, they met a new crisis. The former can be seen in March 19th report "thunder into pornography resource aggregation portal Google," the article pointed out that the connivance of evil, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other 10 departments have decided to start from April to carry out a six-month special action to combat Internet pornography in accordance with national organization. The latter refers to the Seventh World Intellectual Property Day (April 26th) on the eve of the genuine movie download as the core of the main business of the quark film network decided to sue the thunder copyright infringement.

origin: "the world’s first genuine free movie network" lie?

quark movie network as the world’s first genuine free movie website officially launched last year. The "daily economic news" to see the declaration in the quark ceremony: breaking the ice pirates. "The world’s first genuine free movie network" to all those who love the movie announced: from now on, you can not spend a penny, staying in the quark movie network, to be able to watch the latest global best movie! It is absolutely genuine! For the construction of the domestic first-class, the authority of the cinema network, actively approached each quark movie network the movie copyright, in more than a year of preparatory period, selection of sources, bought a large number of excellent and classic movies, cinema network scale.

The start of the movie network

quark, also announced that the quark copyright buy in the latest masterpiece, is director Jia Zhangke pick to win the golden lion in Venice film "still life" in the income account. Another film directed by Jia Zhangke at the Venice Film Festival, the horizon unit, won the award of "East", as well as the falling quark.

thunder is a P2P Download for the business model of technology companies, early in the year, including access to financing, including Google is developing rapidly. But because it is not the content creators but aggregators, thunder soon accused of becoming a collection of pornography and pirated content portal. The movie network is found by quark because Thunder download platform can be downloaded for free including "still life", "father and son", "the painted veil", pirated download link address, and the thunder copyright conflicts.

thunder: the quark is a dying little website

"hype!" this is the "quark movie network after the reporter decided to formally sue the thunder copyright infringement" news director Zhang Yubo thunder PR, his first reaction, he also showed disdain for quark net, "this is a dying small website, before they asked to cooperate with us, but the two sides did not talk to the conditions for cooperation."

Zhang Yubo said, "the thunder is a resource aggregation portal, the content itself does no piracy say?! and thunder as a responsible company, has been promoting the development of Chinese genuine business, and cooperation with many manufacturers." According to reports, in April 27th, the thunder invited hundreds of copyright owners in the Great Hall of the people held a large public interest in copyright.


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