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Author: Alyson Shontell translation: Ling is the original: Entrepreneur

every day we visit a variety of sites, from Google to Baidu, from NetEase to sina…… We remember a lot of domain names. Some people have some domain names registered in advance, and then want to use the domain name of the individual or company because the domain name has been registered, if you still want to use the domain name, you must pay a fee to the cybersquatting people. However, the domain name can have much value?

domain name exactly how valuable?

it is estimated that the world has more than 500 URL addresses trading price of more than $1 million. We list some expensive domain names. Some of these domains have just concluded, some have been traded for some time.

is not surprising, and sex related to some of the domain name, and some of the domain name and gambling is quite valuable. But let’s look at some other domain names. Domain price from low to high.

note: we are only listed in 2003 after the transaction of the domain name, because the domain name transaction price before 2003 can not be verified. In order to ensure the authenticity of the data, even if some of the sites before the explosion price is not cheap, we do not include them. – transaction price $1 million 200 thousand

turnover date: July 2014 sold $1 million 200 thousand in July 2014. Sedo purchased the domain name from the Hangzhou company. This Chinese company actually focused on some websites registered. It has a number of domains such as,, and – transaction price $1 million 350 thousand

turnover date: October 2013

The domain name

by a man named Rick in 1996 after the hijacking, he has not sold the domain name. Until September 2013, he finally agreed to sell the domain name.

Rick wrote on his blog: "Network Solutions contacted me in August 29th, hoping to buy the domain name from me for $50 thousand. I didn’t think about it at the very beginning and gave $1 million 800 thousand to Network Solutions

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