Xiamen small fish community officially resumed operations from 21

news May 21st former news, a well-known local community Xiamen xmfish officially announced in April 18th to suspend operations, the official said, Xiamen will launch a small net station upgrade, the specific date is not announced to resume operations.

on the afternoon of May 21st, Xiamen fish network officially resumed operations, the site management team issued an open letter, said the Xiamen small fish network in May 21st to sail again. (end)

a letter to the fish:

Dear friends:

fish lost


after a month stop upgrade, finally met again!

first, we want to always support and encourage our members to bow deeply, you stick to, we upgrade the source power forward! At the same time, because of the inconvenience caused by the upgrade to extend my sincere apologies to my dear Pisces, your tolerance, trust is the cornerstone of our dream!

April 18th, the small fish network start upgrade, this day, because of your temporary separation and no longer ordinary. In May 21st, we sail again, please believe: we change, and the same, are for a better start!

fish family stand together through storm and stress nine years, new and old friends to share life, here to talk about the workplace, life…… We are fortunate to be able to carry 800 thousand people, thousands of copies of the one and only life story. With a grateful heart, who has been working to fish, "love, mutual assistance, sharing and exchange" is the purpose of fish essence, we look forward to the spirit of taking root in Xiamen Island, and even further afield to radiation.

love life, love small fish, we have the responsibility to bring the love of the fish and continue to start!

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