Railway insiders said the 12306 ticketing website collapse due to insufficient capacity

after a brief calm, the Ministry of Railways to stand again in the teeth of the storm. This time to push it on the top is long ago failed to pass the 12306 nets well to buy train tickets people anger and people are surprised to find that, the Ministry of Railways for the suspected "system, but there exist many problems in bidding shady strokes invested more than 300 million yuan.

1 billion 490 million "shock"

The upcoming

long if the usual sparked public travel boom, as the most popular mode of transportation, railway natural to usher in a new round of passenger peak, which triggered the ticket tide to put into operation in less than 12306 years the system has brought a new round of tests.

unfortunately, just after the upgrade of the 12306 although did not appear as before to withstand the pressure and the "collapse" of the situation, but in the day under the traffic up to 1 billion 490 million times the "impact" mandatory "queue" features of the new system began to play a role.

but this function is not only to improve the purchase process of the customer experience, but because the network congestion caused by the long queue time caused repeated queuing phenomenon, the Ministry of Railways has publicly issued a statement of apology.

public doubts and dissatisfaction quickly evolved into a variety of professional recovery. The first is the media contractor to the 12306 site and behind the system after investigation, including lawyers and students, the community to the Ministry of Railways publicity on tender 12306, some IT circles according to the website interface and backend system architecture and system architecture of the projected cost optimization.

this is not the first time in 12306 to become the "light" lead the Ministry of railways, the railway system since June 12, 2011 in the Beijing Tianjin trial network ticket, only in June 15th was non IE browser users are unable to purchase, directly affects about 20 million users.

at the end of 2011, with the system have entered the T prefix and K prefix train, login, not counting deductions, registration status information and repeat ticket time required for lengthy problems exposed together.

to this end, the Ministry of Railways on the 12306 system has been upgraded, that is, a new generation of ticketing system phase I project". Once in 2010 the "project" information system of railway customer service center of Taiji Computer Corp (hereinafter referred to as Tai Chi shares) again bid, bid amount from one phase of the project 48 million 950 thousand yuan to 199 million yuan, Tai Chi shares will be responsible for the first production center hardware and software integration, computer room electrical wiring system and monitoring system.

"a more failed design"

but just in September to complete the upgrade of the 12306 system fell again in the National Day holiday travel surge in booking tide. Previously only behind the role of Tai Chi shares

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