Adsense network broadcast April 2014 vertical T website ranked Top10 today’s headlines and headline

1 network copyright first major survey of today’s headlines are  

today’s headlines again headlines".

recently, the National Copyright Administration copyright management division, told reporters on the media, has received complaints about the traditional media, said today’s headlines network without permission to reprint their news. National Copyright Administration attaches great importance to this, has accepted the relevant complaints, are on today’s headlines network for investigation, will be based on the investigation, according to the law to deal with.

June 23rd, twenty-first Century economic report reporter interviewed relevant responsible person headlines today, it just responded, "published by the State Bureau of investigation is currently no official response, not easy to make a comment."

Prior to

, today’s headlines have also been "Guangzhou daily" sued the court. Since then, the two sides reached a settlement and become partners.

in addition to today’s headlines in the copyright storm waves, the same day, the Supreme People’s court also announced the 5 typical cases of infringement. The works information network transmission right infringement dispute and for CCTV on the tip of the tongue "China" caused by the court, damages CCTV network company 240 thousand yuan of economic losses and reasonable expenses 8000 yuan.

2.9158 parent roadshow yesterday in July 9th will be listed in Hong Kong  

June 24th news yesterday, real-time social video platform Columba interactive plans listed in Hong Kong (9158 video community parent company) to start the roadshow. Documents show that the Columba interactive public offering of approximately 304 million shares, the IPO price between HK $4.5 to HK $5.3, raising HK $1 billion 370 million to HK $1 billion 610 million.

Reuters sales documents obtained show that the expected 30 this month, Columba interactive pricing, July 9th Hongkong main board listing, the Qihoo and the Xijing investment 10 basic investors, has an aggregate of $80 million. The document also shows that the major shareholders include interactive Columba founder and chairman Fu Zhengjun, Sina’s Sina and Hongkong private equity fund IDG.

Columba interactive revenue 548 million yuan last year (RMB, the same below), up 20%, a loss of 92 million 610 thousand yuan. Unless written with gold spending cash, convertible value redemption of preferred shares and redeemable ordinary shares of equity, the adjusted net profit of 206 million yuan, up 30%.

3 iResearch: April 2014 vertical IT website industry website ranking Top10 

according to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system iUserTracker latest data show that in April 2014, the average number of vertical IT website coverage up to 29 million 685 thousand people in. Among them, the Zhongguancun daily average number of online coverage of 594>

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