After the Spring Festival, hundreds of local service products to buy local goods group


after the Spring Festival to buy the industry to accelerate the shuffle buy a hundred local service

small group buying site want to fight the kind of service to buy the house, just looks beautiful. In just one month, about 100 of the country to buy the initiative to abandon the service class O2O (Online To Offline, the next line of business opportunities and the Internet) products, the focus shifted to the physical class buy. Analysts believe that turned into a kind of reality into a more intense B2C war, it can only be said to delay the death time.

quit local service Red Sea

data show that the domestic market last year, the total sales volume of over 11 billion yuan, although catering, leisure and entertainment, life services and other services based on the total sales of $7 billion 830 million, accounting for more than 71%. But not all buy site can be divided into local service cake.

independent group purchase navigation site 800 co-founder Hu Chen said, "we found in the monthly investigation, 99 group purchase website changes in the direction of the operation, products from the local service to the physical transformation of group purchase".

, the current local service class businesses also need to buy, but the fierce competition in the industry makes it difficult to talk about a quality business, it can be said that the field of local services to buy the Red Sea stage." In view of the current status of the industry, DCCI analyst Hong Yuan explained.

has been a transformation of the group purchase site for Mr. Luo proved the above point of view, we give up the local service group purchase Shishuwunai, after all, in the field of O2O localization is a great feature, but want to talk about a single high quality local service cost is very high, in terms of our ability in the site, it is not bear play".

what is the person called a single cost? Hong Yuan said, consider a local service enterprise’s advantages than physical complex, catering to all kinds of enterprises as an example, from the environmental permit, decoration, the number of dishes, taste and price are the key factors affecting the overall quality.

In addition to

, local service companies do not trust the small and medium sites also have to buy products to turn. Luo told reporters: well-known local service companies generally choose to buy a large group of websites, we have little opportunity to cooperate with these small sites, the list is more difficult to talk about. To this end, from the original to the kind of product structure has gradually become a kind of physical."

is one kind of

a matter of expediency

in fact, not only 100 buy site choose to break the physical. Reporters found that in the group 800 navigation catalog on the main kind of buy site has accounted for more than 54.3%. In the group 800 months ago verification statistics, the figure is only 22%.


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