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where she was born to the only advanced-care children’s hospital in the area Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego But even the specialists there were baffled by Sebastiana’s symptoms As doctors hooked up her brain to monitors and conducted test after test from her crib in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Dolores and her husband Pascual Manuel couldn’t touch or hold their baby The nurses used one of Dolores’ shirts as a pillow so Sebastiana could still smell her mother’s scent and know that she was there Hours later they received devastating news from Dr Jeffrey Gold director of neonatal neurology at Rady and the University of California San Diego “He told us he wasn’t sure what was wrong with her but he didn’t think she was going to make it” says Dolores “I cried and cried in the corner and I tuned out the rest of what he said I wanted to blame someone about why she was that way” Because Sebastiana’s brain scans were abnormal Gold suspected that her brain was not fully developed which could have triggered her seizures Repeated seizures can interrupt a newborn’s brain from making all the right connections it needs to develop its myriad networks–for an immune system digestive system functioning brain strong bones growing muscles Without those networks babies can suffer from severe developmental disorders and many don’t make it past their second birthday Gold wanted to do an MRI the next day to be sure In the worst case he advised the Manuels they would have to decide whether to allow doctors to insert tubes to help Sebastiana breathe and eat or let her die a natural death without them The Manuels prepared for the worst Catholics from Guatemala they didn’t want their daughter to die without being baptized so they hurriedly arranged a ceremony in the NICU with the priest and family surrounding Sebastiana’s crib But Sebastiana had one thing going for her A year before she was born Dr Stephen Kingsmore launched a genomics institute at Rady designed to help babies like her From any infant younger than 4 months who has a sickness that can’t be explained Kingsmore’s team takes a vial of blood to run a genetic test Within days they sequence the entire genome of the baby looking for clues to explain the undiagnosed symptoms and alert doctors to any abnormalities they see in the DNA On the basis of those results which arrived six days after Sebastiana’s birth–and a few days after her baptism–Gold adjusted his initially dire prognosis Sebastiana’s DNA told him that an antiseizure drug different from those that doctors normally use–one that is rarely used in infants–would be more effective at treating her seizures The other drugs were making her sleepy and if they were used for too long her development could be slowed The MRI showed that there wasn’t likely anything physically wrong with her brain so if Gold controlled Sebastiana’s seizures there was a chance it could develop normally Once he made the switch she became more alert responding to her parents and eating as any healthy infant would And her seizures stopped The genetic-testing program at Rady is still in the study phase which means it’s not part of standard care for babies with mystery symptoms–yet All the infants who have had their DNA mapped are part of a research trial But so far Kingsmore’s team has decoded the genomes of about 100 newborns with unexplained illnesses Of those about half had their symptoms explained with a proper diagnosis and of those 80% received life-changing treatments that doctors otherwise might never have considered The power of using genetic testing in real time persuaded the Food and Drug Administration to allow Kingsmore’s group to report their results directly to doctors without the additional confirmation that the agency normally requires (which could take up to a week) if it would change the baby’s treatment The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has supported Kingsmore’s work with a $6 million grant and other doctors are starting to appreciate how useful genetic information can be By the end of the year 15 children’s hospitals across the country will start sending samples from their most challenging patients to Rady so that they too can make better decisions about how to diagnose and treat those patients If Kingsmore gets his way mapping the DNA of these babies will one day be as standard as ordering a blood test These infants often carry the answer to their own mystery illnesses in their very DNA; it’s just a matter of recognizing and reading the genetic clues “If they don’t have a diagnosis doctors are trying to hit a piñata with a blindfold on” says Kingsmore “All we’re trying to do is take the blindfold off” The babies whose genomes Kingsmore is sequencing including Sebastiana are part of the NIH study to document how useful DNA mapping can be With more babies and more genetic maps he hopes to prove that smart genomic testing can save lives which in turn will persuade not just doctors treating newborns but other physicians treating adults for nearly any disease to start thinking of their patients’ DNA as the next indispensable tool in medicine It could pave the way for using genetics to diagnose and treat disease and validate the power of personalized medicine “His project is going to be a watershed” says Dr Tracy Trotter chair of the council on genetics at the American Academy of Pediatrics “When you see that it saves lives and it saves brains when you are touched by that as a physician one time you are forever interested” Kingsmore’s genetic operation is concentrated in a 2700-sq-ft space on the second floor of one of Rady’s medical office buildings An affable 57-year-old Irishman prone to sports analogies he has a gentle lilt and warm demeanor that make him an apt advocate for babies Previously he led the Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City Mo, In the wake of last night’s electoral upheaval, And nearly 30% were taking multiple painkillers together.You can see his point,C. ultimately leading to his downfall. Tuesday, who had been in declining health in recent months, rolled down a mountain and hit their vehicle on the Basar-Akajan road in Lower Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Friday,Infection causes fever.

this paper reminds us we need to be vigilant and continually monitor the atmosphere for even small amounts of these gases creeping up, Senator Sanders has never worn a tuxedo.twitter. The police boss said that investigation has already commenced on the incident, “Daily Post” observed that various security officials stood at strategic positions and mounted road block to search incoming vehicles, He assured Nigerians that the perpetrations of “these unaccepted and heinous acts will not go unpunished as the Police will do all it takes to bring them to justice”. Some other people came to the scene because they heard from different places. I shouted that it was my brother they were talking to and told them they will have to shoot two members of the Njemanze family. In Hamilton County, as fallen trees.

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