Thousand Oaks, former vice president Liu Ren was sentenced to 3 years and will appeal against the de

news December 21st, Thousand Oaks, former vice president of Donews producer Liu Ren, 3 people suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on Qihoo 360 case verdict: according to the Beijing Municipal People’s Court of Xicheng District on the weekend the verdict, Liu Ren for the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on jailed for three years, Xu Xinshi and two other suspects were sentenced to the central tour, a half years in prison.

at the end of last year, Liu Ren was arrested on suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on infinite Technology Co Ltd Beijing three international. August 25th this year, in September 10th, the two trial of the case, and in the final sentencing in December 18th.

in the previous two trial, Liu Renjun think he is innocent. Xu Xin and the central confession, hope a lighter punishment. Liu Ren was defended from both competent and objective, he did not blackmail and impose exactions on Qihoo 360.

in Beijing City People’s court in December 18th, the verdict, Liu Ren was sentenced to three years, the other two involved were sentenced to a year and a half. For the above results, Liu Ren family refused to accept the verdict, and revealed that it will appeal.

case playback:

according to the "Beijing Evening News" reported that the prosecution allegations, Liu Ren Xu Xin and friends tour under the instigation of Yang et al., since July 2008, published on the Internet and the development of the company as the three reprint of the 360 security guards software as well as the chairman of the company’s negative news and negative news about the company, the chairman of the individual the negative news to delete the site on the grounds, to the Beijing three International Technology Co. Ltd. for 230 thousand yuan unlimited.

After the three

company manager arranged on September 2008 to Xu Xin to provide the account of the account to import $50 thousand. The afternoon of October 12th, Liu Ren, Xu Xin, the central tour at a teahouse again to the three international company managers charged 80 thousand yuan in cash, by the Beijing Xicheng police arrested on the spot.


39 year old Liu Ren, after graduating from college in a newspaper as a reporter, long-term active in the IT industry. In 2005, Liu joined 1000 rubber company development, eventually became the vice president of the company. Thousand Oaks company owns Donews (matador), network, campus website.

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