7 months suction gold 11 billion 900 million network MLM kingdom the return of the selected.


, according to Xinhua news agency, involving 11 billion 900 million yuan, involving the country’s 28 provinces and cities, the people were deceived, including a large number of highly educated national civil servants, urban white-collar workers in the city, the people of the city, the city of the people’s Republic of China ()…… Not long ago, Chongqing Fuling police and the Department of industry and Commerce unearthed the biggest case of network marketing, known as the "consumer rebate" mode of big boss network MLM kingdom "the return of the one hundred" declared destruction.

is known as super network MLM kingdom of Chongqing handsome take Technology Co., and "the return of the selected" website, a year ago, the registered capital of 300 thousand yuan, by Chongqing Chen Xing in April last year was founded and registered in the computer software development, service first. Chen Xing went to Zhejiang, Fujian and other places "study" network marketing, in August last year to develop "the return of the selected" rebate network system.

"the return of the selected" commitment "consumption of 100 back to 100, as long as the tenants pay the deposit 20 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan, you can become agents and franchisees, enjoy the daily turnover of 0.2% to 1% of the Commission and ordinary consumer rebate; after paying 15% of the service fee, you can get the rebate, until the full return all the expenses. Chongqing handsome shot of the rapid expansion of shocking." Chongqing police said that only 7 months, it miraculously expanded to the country’s 28 provinces and cities. Have agents at all levels 1584, 24995 businesses, union membership of 387 thousand and 600 people, the total order amount (on capital) amounted to 11 billion 900 million yuan.

police, "rebate consumption" pattern to hide a huge black hole. Chongqing handsome take no business entity, rely on the agent to pay the deposit and membership spending 15% of the service fee, which cannot support its commitment to all kinds of commission and the return of the, only continue to attract new members to fill the hole, crash is just a question of time.

in April this year, "the return of the selected was traced to the huge financial difficulties, dealers across the country have to report. June 16th, the task force to attack in more than 12 suspects arrested.

reporter learned that, Chongqing handsome members of a large number of highly educated people. Police said the network marketing will often be packaged into a modern e-commerce model, with great confusion and provocative. In addition, at present, the new trend of rampant Internet marketing, and capital investment, financial management, e-commerce and other fields spread to bring new challenges to the regulation.

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