Network marketing three questions buyers come from

now more and more enterprises to carry out network marketing, which is the progress of society, marketing revolution. However, it is not difficult to find that there are quite a lot of enterprise network marketing is not successful, the network marketing confusion and loss, and "love" and "hate"".

and traditional marketing, network marketing is the most important thing is to find buyers, to reach a deal. Network marketing is not furnishings, and must be to bring customers and sales. Profit is the ultimate goal of the marketing activities of enterprises. From this point of view to understand the network marketing, we will feel relaxed a lot, so as not to be confused by the many network marketing product "colorful".

I think that in order to successfully carry out network marketing, we must solve the buyers come from, how to retain buyers, how to deal with these three issues. In the enterprise with its own characteristics, find out the three problems, to choose network marketing platform, network promotion and subsequent network marketing services, will not lose oneself, truly give in return, to carry out network marketing success.

buyers come from?

where are the buyers on the Internet, how to find them with the least investment? How to attract them to browse my products and services? We first solve the problem.

1, what are my target customers?

target customers (buyers) are divided into direct and indirect target customers. The direct target customers have decision-making power, can be directly finalized; indirect target customers have the right to recommend, which can affect the decision to "buy". For example, school supplies, parents for students to buy directly, there are also students themselves through selection, inform the parents to buy, parents and students are the target customers, can have an impact on whether the transaction.

enterprises in the development of network marketing, it is necessary to clear the distribution of your target customers on the Internet, is a direct target customers, or indirect target customers. For different roles, regional, cultural background of the target customers, the corresponding network marketing strategy is not the same.

2, what are the habits of target customers?

different characteristics of the target customers, the Internet habits are also different. The activities here include the use of search engines, what sites on the web, there is no place to gather online, online time and frequency, what kind of network tools to use love.

For example,

sales of high-end intelligent mobile phone businesses, his target customer success should belong to higher income, dominated by men; this kind of person in the search engine usage on Google, often go to the website to browse news, focus on financial and financial information; in some commercial community websites often can see they figure; online time is work time, every one to two hours; the frequent use of MSN, a lot of people on the blog and electronic.

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