Admin5 advertising alliance information channel formally launched

Admin5 alliance information channel enabled two domain name formally launched.


channel aims to create the most comprehensive Internet advertising platform with the most recommended, while finishing the released novice webmaster do some advertising skills and experience, choice for the majority of owners in the process of network money plays a guiding role and.

although the channel is currently only in the embryonic form of the plan, but I believe that the majority of the webmaster and the alliance’s attention and support will gradually enrich and play a more practical role.

your website is what type? Your website fits what kind of advertising? How to place ads can maximize returns? How to choose the correct credit union? We will focus on the channel to carry out a series of seminars and lectures related, let the webmaster detours in the process of advertising alliance, accumulate more correct Wangzhuan experience.

at the same time the channel is also welcome to join the league, you can introduce a general title may bring you more valuable business opportunities, but also to provide a choice for the webmaster. Let your advertising value to the most suitable site owners and satisfactory feedback to advertisers. welcome advice and valuable suggestions.


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