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1 MLM MLM leader fraud overseas arrest of $500 million had refused to persuade back to

today we pay attention to a case of network marketing. It is not only a concern, because in this case the huge amount of money involved, and the principal very special case. From 2008 onwards, the principal Lumou overseas in long term planning and organization of illegal network marketing activities, and dual passports, in a number of countries who commit crimes. In July this year, Lumou was included in the list of hunting. The Ministry of Public Security issued a red warrant through Interpol, Lumou arrested in November 15th in Papua new guinea.

illegal network marketing leader of Papua New Guinea arrested

late on the night of November 15, 2014, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport inbound port, several Xiaogan city of Hubei Province, Economic Investigation Brigade police are prepared to meet the challenge, waiting for a mysterious suspect. 4 in the morning, in the three international police and the Ministry of public security police officers escorted a handcuffed, plump middle-aged man wearing glasses to bow out of the airport, the man Dai Jinsi glasses, the image of gentle, calm demeanor. Then he was escorted to Wuhan, and the night to the first detention center in Xiaogan city. His arrest to the Xiaogan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade of the police who was relieved, because he is not others, is the pursuit of Economic Investigation Brigade for several times and transform a variety of identity in the overseas run for several years the suspect lumou.

Everyone in the film "

2: the domain name after the death of the last radiance of the setting sun" has resolved to foreign  

news December 1st, recently there are users accidentally discovered, was closed for a week and everyone has returned to visit part of sources and can download subtitles, so users can not help but chuckle everyone in the film actually can resurrect, but shortly after, all television announced officially closed, which means everyone in the film Chinese station and domain name completely hopeless.

November 21st, everyone in the film can not be traced to visit 22 days, everyone in the film because of copyright issues that clean, temporarily closed the mainland web server, and everyone in the film international station is then closed. The 28 day, everyone in the film unexpectedly returned to normal access, most of the resources can be downloaded after the website domain name IP address in Singapore and South Korea, or the server has moved to foreign countries, all television in the morning micro-blog released "Invictus maneo" (I have not been knocked down), the news that the American TV fans excited. But on the afternoon of the second day, everyone announced officially closed.

3 Ali carrying the three operators to push the flow of Taobao wallet can earn traffic

December 1st afternoon news, Alibaba today announced the joint launch of the three operators for online shopping users’ welfare products – flow wallet". Users in Taobao, Tmall shopping or participate in business activities, you can get a certain amount of traffic.


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