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media will now where the customer is called "" suffered a midlife crisis; " the customer", we can see in the hundreds of Baidu, where the customer is called "lost" beloved "" 100 for why we called "lost pet" list is the two point of view is Affirmative. Backed by Lei hope; the copy millet will die.

Don’t talk about

first agree with either point of view, first, netizens on the pros and cons of the vote, of course we can not say the future development, depends on the vote, but the vote can be seen more friends will support customers. As I write this article, Affirmative (backed by Lei hope) accounted for 30% of the vote, the opposition (copy millet will die) accounted for 70%. From this we can see, where the situation now is really not very good. "" suffered a midlife crisis; " every guest" in the text, the author said: Eslite today, like a middle-aged, there is too much remorse for the past, the future is full of confusion. Today, there is a certain competition in any industry, of course, the electricity supplier in the field of clothing this is fierce competition. The industry has said, every guest clothing brand to fade, line and pilling quality problems such as almost all occupied. I haven’t bought for VANCL, clothing, for the quality of people in the industry say, can not make a positive answer.

in such a society, the fierce competition force we must continue to move forward, the media said, the sale may be the only way for every guest speaking. Sell well, be worth mentioning, no matter what, as long as there is a good development prospects than anything else. Some netizens said, in the beginning of the wrong direction. In fact, most of the time, we cannot predict the future, as long as the best of each step.

back and say I agree with either point of view, here, I agree with the point of view (copy millet will die). At any time, we need to innovate, blindly copying is not a good development, millet is different with the mobile phone, where two. Millet marketing model can not look good, apply. To find their own development model. Perhaps now where the customer should reflect on their own, as early as the first blockbuster, to now sweeping down. Why is there such a gap, which is not known to others. Here, we hope to have a good development.

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