Rookie do a few years of domestic advertising experience

    I have been a domestic advertising alliance for a year, and here’s the story of the year.

    when entering the online advertising is because the previous life is really not going to be mixed, it should be some friends know the Internet card those things, huh, huh, I was taking delivery of goods to the two traffickers. Ha ha, then do not continue to study the online advertising.
    began to concentrate on the study of CMS, do the template, and so on, almost ALEXA. It is a headache, because there is no ranking will not be able to pick up the ads, began to think of ways to brush, the beginning of a lot of articles to see, on the use of mobile browser ah! Or what the brush alliance, and then a little bit to understand how to improve ALEXA. The best way to start is to buy some meat J, then let us buddy, to write a program, then automatically install the ALEXA toolbar and hide open IE to browse their website to promote, in the short term is to achieve a certain promotion, later found ranking being punished. The reason is judged to be mutual brush. To study the data packets sent by ALEXA. What what what the AID! The most benefit was two this one is in the Haier brothers on the forum, there is one in a sina BLOG expert. At this time, a special agent with the ALEXA data packets, then study together. After testing a demerit. Because ALEXA is the next day out of the data, then really understand how hard it is waiting. At that time, the earthquake, submarine cable broken. There is no way to test, and then solve the problem is also a tool to solve the problem of upgrading ALEXA ALEXA. Now the price is very cheap to brush ALEXA, but here to do a friend of domestic advertising a proposal. Please brush ALEXA brush to 20W within the 30W enough to not let the day into the 10W. Otherwise, ALEXA’s peak will kill you.

      ALEXA got it on the league. The first thing to do is to win 9 but the amount of the League called a fierce. But the money is absolutely unambiguous. Ha ha     here, I recommend that we do the Baidu alliance alliance Ali alliance E alliance ETE alliance SOGOU alliance. These are definitely good alliances. Hey。 I hope you believe I pinch, absolutely right, this is a group of selected from the union. At that time, I remember doing a gold advertising network in fact, this alliance is a liar Union, but we are unexpected is my first advertising costs is from him here.

      and so the league has found its own, is how to point, such as

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