How to determine how to promote and operate according to the amount of information on the site

The general nature of the

website, search engine marketing, selling products, is feasible, but as our website operation began to promotion of the energy input to the search engine marketing, bring traffic to the site and return. Each stage of the website operation, will use different methods to determine how to promotion and operation according to the amount of information website, according to the successful case of my personal practice and friends, think the following method is more appropriate.

first stage: (two months, the information reaches 800-1200)

the degree of production of the current site, the first built classification, you can first release information, news, every day to 10 to 20 activities of the full information entry, to ensure that the content of the site’s initial website content. To ensure the smooth and stable operation of the site, the basic content of the site intact. When the release of information, if it is to copy others, we need to adjust according to the information included in the Baidu algorithm, the first and last paragraph and in the middle of the adjustment, or in the front with their content so that the organization of the text, when included, he thought you will be the first of the original. To retrieve the content of the website, make your website content before the row so that users first discovered your website.

second phase: (two months, the product reaches 1000-1600)

website basically completed the basic classification of all goods built, and then released for products, every 30 minutes at a speed of the product, 8 hours every day, one day 16 to 30. The release of product, in order to meet the expectations of the IP effect, so to narrow the regional key method, such as now Baidu to find a rental car of modern information, we reprint release, see the source for this product is Beijing, Chaoyang District, the post title, is the Beijing Chaoyang District modern car rental, with the letter then released his product information below.

(in this stage, it is recommended to paste the site to do a good job.


third phase: (one month, the establishment of 20-30 blog visits)

use of the characteristics of Internet users love to blog, that we are in, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Chinese, Tianya, and other famous sites, "7souzu" is the name of a blog, non-stop access to different blogs, leave footprints, make friends for visits, so soon it will improve the site visits, the latter can also be announced and soft in the blog, blog content, the number is about 1 to 3, a search rental network introduces the relevant text, there is a large event announcement.

fourth phase: (a month, the site features small upgrade)

is currently in the time relationship, the site does not comment on the function of the product, we do not know the true extent of the product, so the site below the product reviews, collections, reports, and other functions.

fifth phase: (two months, do soft Wen, >

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