Talk about the failure of unfamiliar street social marketing management from the topic of micro-blog

unfamiliar street in the negligence of many other social media may have been quietly unfamiliar street beat, the title can be called if micro-blog topic to death in unfamiliar street, but he is still relatively unfamiliar street support, this paper is just to remind.


Each upgrade

WeChat will be discussed widely in the circle of friends and micro-blog, and each time the discussion is on the WeChat brand awareness and influence in a prompt, unfamiliar street version of the software upgrade, is "Mo Mo" no smell, a high degree of concern, because WeChat WeChat every time before the upgrade hearsay revealed in advance, on the other hand the responsibility reflects the unfamiliar street for lack of maintenance and upgrade topic of speculation.

@ unfamiliar street technology has not pay attention to the management and promotion of topics, but the implication of the social marketing potential is very great, see unfamiliar street in Youku and other video ads on the website of the behavior is really some trifles. To # unfamiliar street 5.4# as an example, and then full time online mall planning together with imported 5.4 unfamiliar street prize activities, just a box of milk, can achieve about 50000000 times the amount of reading and discussion of 260 thousand brands, each discussed micro-blog users will receive automatic invitations issued subject system notice, the realization of the first brand exposure, the two see activity in the crowd, more than 80 thousand people participated in the lottery, the lottery in the process also shared micro-blog to their home, to achieve the second brand exposure. And all this is almost no cost for the enterprise.


may be unfamiliar Street executives during the upgrade activities received notice, or because the topic too hot, unfamiliar street when reading reached 60 million back to the topic management rights by Sina in the topic. In the late # unfamiliar street 5.6# although unfamiliar street also won the right to manage, but also just the management only, and did not detonate any activities.


last night to see # unfamiliar street 5.7# upgrade, I went to micro-blog to look at related topics and unfamiliar street technology @ micro-blog, found the topic host location is idle, I let the fish @ Wyatt food fish of micro-blog Hot pot light topic management, micro-blog second times the topic of speculation, from the early morning 8 in the morning until now has more than 20 thousand people to participate in the lottery, I believe this final activity participation will be relatively large.

and unfamiliar street is no competition between enterprises can be obtained only using the topic of brand exposure, participants are not necessarily its audience, if is similar to other social software and I want to cooperate, the target customer is accurate, in improving the visibility and other software downloads at the same time, the brand image will be unfamiliar street affected, I was more authentic, not to do so, to the unfamiliar street a chance to correct.

street in unfamiliar street introduced to the shop, I also wrote a column in Ai Rui network Street Street officially opened marketing;

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