Sea Amoy transition difficult more than 90% of the goods are difficult to get brand authorization

cross-border electricity supplier New Deal transition year has been finalized, for most of the electricity supplier, it is not the time to make decisions.


customers to buy imported goods

recently, a number of cross-border electricity supplier company told the surging news ( said in an interview, not willing to give up the bonded import mode, although in a year’s time to complete the new registration and filing requirements, businesses also have a lingering fear, a year can make appropriate arrangements."

, the industry is concerned, most still rely on the development of bonded mode, bonded or full of confidence, the government can make timely policy amendments, indicating that the industry is still valued." Tmall deputy general manager Xing Yue told the surging news, because the buffer period policy just released, is still in the digestion period, in addition to the tax reform under the frame of the front of the list of goods, and not too big change.

cross-border electricity supplier since the introduction of the new deal since April 8th, causing a large rebound in electricity supplier companies. Among them, the most controversial, not the abolition of the "tax-free", but "first-line online shopping bonded goods entering the zones according to customs clearance, cargo inspection" and "positive list" in the note, the relevant requirements for cosmetics, health care products such as formula, import license and registration for the first time.

many people in the industry believe that these two policies allow cross-border electricity supplier supervision is close to the general trade. Some businesses assert that this will lead to cross-border electricity supplier bonded imports in a few months after entering the fuse state.

this, multisectoral research. In May 24th, the General Administration of Customs issued a document published on the new year of cross-border electricity import transition policy in 10 pilot city to suspend the implementation of the declaration, and the related requirement of "positive list" in the note.

this makes a lot of electricity supplier companies breathed a sigh of relief.

new registration difficult

is a cross-border electricity supplier who told the surging news, in just a few days from the transition period policy, Hongkong warehouse rents have declined, because people rent less, we will gradually do some registration and filing, if can be completed in a year’s time is the best, but the difficulty is not small."

in early May, the expected impact of the mainland cross-border bonded mode may fuse, a cross-border electricity supplier who reflected Hongkong bonded warehouse price rose from 30% to 50%.

number of cross-border electricity supplier who said in an interview with the surging news interview, the intention of the first import of cosmetics and health care products and other goods, in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements for registration, but to be completed within a year, really difficult. Coupled with cross-border electricity supplier of imported goods is fragmented format, many businesses sigh and lack of power.

more than 90% of the goods are difficult to get brand authorization, can not get the certificate of origin, or

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