Electricity supplier new year Keywords cross-border, rural, mobile

Alibaba and Jingdong for the domestic electricity supplier industry ushered in the "high light moment" in the concentration of IPO in 2014, and the double 11 day international order blowout also reflects the domestic consumer demand for cross-border trade. Analysts believe that the depth of integration of the mobile Internet in 2015, the electricity supplier companies will compete for the side of the cross-border electricity supplier bonus, while opening up the rural electricity supplier this blue ocean market, while facing the pressure of mobile terminal transformation.

addition, the strategic level of the process of landing in the business process, the diagnosis and treatment of counterfeit issues will constitute another dimension of this year’s electricity supplier industry development.

cross-border electricity supplier race

"cross-border business is a trend of the sea Amoy a trend which cannot be halted, increasingly large scale, Ali don’t do what others do, and everyone is in a starting line." In February 10th to attend the annual meeting of Tmall merchants in 2015, Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong said.

at present, the domestic consumer demand for cross-border goods category is mainly concentrated in the mother, food, cosmetics, Tmall international is also targeted to accelerate the introduction of these areas of international brands settled.

In 2014

started China cross-border electricity supplier, has not yet formed a dominant situation, Ali, Amazon Chinese, Jingdong, Suning, eBay, shop No. 1 are overweight cross-border business investment. The analysis thinks, whether platform mode or self mode, the construction of cross-border logistics system, or will become the enterprise competition the outcome of the watershed.

currently, no one company has the ability to build a courier company, the goods shipped to the world; no one can create a universal payment system, so that all forms of payment are used. Therefore, in the course of the development of cross-border electricity supplier, social collaboration will become one of the trends. In 2015, this type of cooperation is similar to Ali investment Singapore logistics, eBay hand logistics service provider Yitong million is expected to become more frequent.

rural blue ocean layout

either Ali, Suning, Jingdong, are doing channel sink this thing, open up three or four lines, and even the rural market. From the current actions of each point of view, around the city of agricultural products and rural electricity supplier to the countryside this year will be significantly warming, becoming the next billion market.

earlier, Alibaba announced in the next 3~5 years invested 10 billion yuan thousand million village development plan, namely the establishment of 1000 county-level operations centers and 100 thousand village service station, drive the rural entrepreneurial opportunity, let Taobao village "in a nationwide promotion. Rural electricity supplier, has been promoted as one of the future of the Alibaba group, one of the three strategies.

Ali Institute released the "rural consumer e-commerce report" shows that in the past three years, Taobao rural consumption accounted for the rise in the second quarter of 2012, up from 7.11% to 9.11% in the first quarter of 2014. In addition, according to Ali forecast, 201>

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