How to do a Witkey

you have a blog? Do you have a podcast? Well, you are in recent years, Witkey? The Internet gradually popular word "Witkey", what is Witkey Witkey originates from English? Witkey, refers to the personal knowledge and the ability to help others to complete the task, so as to obtain the reward staff wangzhuan. In today’s Web site of every hue, are filled with a tender and witkey. Many of my friends have witnessed a Witkey success, also hope that through their own efforts to become a valuable witkey. The so-called "360 line", then how can we do the Witkey family? Here are some experience to help push the enterprise network to share the


first into the task

Witkey as a relatively free type of work, no supervision, no advice. So many Witkey lack of enthusiasm, cannot do the work as well as in real life, began to complain. You have the ability to think no place to play, or unappreciated and then. As a good job, should stand in the customer’s perspective, to know what customers want. And in-depth understanding of the requirements of the task, their feelings into the task. Have do the task although not bearing his name, but his work is indeed. Perfunctory work is perfunctory himself. Not well into the task, will not be able to become a good witkey.

is to charge


many talented friends in their own work, and can not play the director. Hope that through the network platform to play their own energy, to achieve their own value, earn the corresponding remuneration. But in the actual behavior of Wangzhuan, but found Witkey is not so good to do. With the talent and ideas, to earn money, but it is difficult to adhere to the said of an aged person. Therefore, as the Witkey at any time to recharge myself. Universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, some people outside, there are mountains. Witkey in a waiting for you to bid on their own task, but more and more self-confidence, so the family in the successful completion of the task of Witkey, to improve their technical level.

should not allow yourself to stagnate. Only step by step to improve their own technology, in order to achieve better works, more and more confident, not abandoned by the Internet era. Therefore, modaobuwukanchaigong, want to do a Witkey, charging at any time

is very important!

use the multiplier

Witkey task many kinds, only you can’t do that, you can not think of not. Compared with the past, today’s Internet era indeed provides money and better development space, people use the Internet, stay at home will be able to work for wages. How happy the way! But they also don’t blindly Witkey make money, in the face of many tasks, to play to their strengths, to choose their own interest or expertise to the task, do not say more handy, can effectively save time, so that we can do more tasks to make more money. And improve their efficiency.

There are many

have the ability to find no suitable > Witkey

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