Make up the short board trade in bulk trade B2B electricity supplier tide again

With the introduction of the national electricity supplier

state eight and other policies and capital continue to intervene, B2B block trading platform has been on the air. Prior to looking for steel net to get $100 million D round of investment, looking for plastic network to get 300 million yuan venture capital and even the first category of large trade B2B cross-border trading platform poly trade related dynamics continue to stimulate the industry’s nerves.

recently, Zhejiang poly trade Agel Ecommerce Ltd (referred to as "poly trade") chairman Lu Hongxiang to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter pointed out that in the "Internet plus" era to solve the Chinese manufacturing industry is facing the lack of funds, low profits, low quality of the "short board", provides an opportunity for the B2B bulk trading platform explosive development.

B2B bulk platform can effectively solve the related problems, such as according to a plurality of manufacturing enterprises need for commodities collecting and sorting work, then as a manufacturing purchasing large orders, large-scale centralized procurement of various raw materials to the international market. As a result, to minimize the cost of raw materials international procurement." Lu Hongxiang explained.

Lu Hongxiang pointed out that B2B is the deep water of the Internet venture, there are a lot of platforms have been transformed from a simple information service oriented business to do business and self mode. Among them, including logistics, payment, supply chain finance.

Optimization of

manufacturing industry pain points and counter attack

September 29th, the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee officially released the "2025" key areas Chinese manufacturing technology roadmap (2015 Edition) ", a clear direction and goal of the new generation of information technology industry and other ten areas. In Lu Hongxiang view, the proposed roadmap for China’s manufacturing sector has a great role in promoting the transformation and upgrading.

"the manufacturing enterprises in China are faced with three major problems, such as lack of funds, meager profit and low added value of products. China is a big manufacturing country, but also the largest industrial procurement of raw materials, but because of decentralized procurement, China’s manufacturing enterprises have no price advantage." Lu Hongxiang said. B2B platform to minimize the cost of raw materials international procurement."

it is understood that the poly trade is the world’s first full category of commodities through cross-border electronic business platform, to manufacturing enterprises to provide trade finance, market research from the poly phase, sleeve, manufacturing support, logistics and other six aspects of service, attracting a large number of manufacturing enterprises to the platform and set in the manufacturing industry agglomeration, the huge purchasing orders. To carry out large-scale centralized procurement to the international market. In this mechanism, I hope to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises to reduce the cost of international procurement of raw materials, and suggested that international partners to use RMB settlement.

poly trade will also focus on a large number of outstanding Chinese manufacturing products, strict quality control, the introduction of the insurance mechanism, improve the sales price, unified international promotion, so as to increase the overall profit level of China manufacturing, to avoid vicious competition and anti-dumping investigation." Poly trade terms.

as a matter of fact

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