Calm thinking on the double eleven price war

annual double eleven coming, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, dangdang…… In almost all the network business platform began to prepare this year’s eager for a fight, "Hui Style war" on the occasion, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently banned electric double eleven discount price using the reference price, require businesses to remove all the "Jingdong" price "," reference price "," price "," discount "and other words, can only hold the promotion price. Since this seems to have not started the double eleven shopping Carnival in advance poured a pot of cold water, major businesses not only to the State Administration for Industry and commerce to move more to see Chen Chen, continue to favor. Tomorrow, the most popular annual electricity supplier climax will come.


, the more hot behind, we as consumers or businesses more need to think calmly, why this is an ordinary, even not orthodox holiday singles, why can become a shopping Carnival day in just three years, and then to China the largest single day sales miracle? At the same time, the preferential price business hype, why let it become the State Administration for Industry and commerce immediately give a "halt", "suggestions" and "reference" control the reason why


‘s day shopping cart is very busy, the commodity price please call and "real" into

from the beginning of 2012, the singles day becomes a "double eleven", from the double eleven alone is very busy, a shopping cart is very busy! "Double eleven" has gradually become the domestic electricity supplier industry collective promotion day. This year, Jingdong, including,,, fast and easy network and other electricity providers, but the earliest a double eleven shopping carnival theme of the Alibaba is still the ultimate winner of this war. Tmall on the same day to 35 billion 19 million sales record, compared to 2012’s $19 billion 100 million sales growth of more than 83%, becoming a double of the field of war, the sales champion!

however, next half a month also let Tmall busy, return and replacement of the storm "one flat", the price is not discounted questioned before and after much access to the "one after another". Of course, Tmall is not just a question by the price, other network business platform has also been questioned, double eleven day discount merchandise, the seemingly 50 percent off, but the price a lot before the festival will also give discounts, is a gimmick, have the night up to the shopping cart had good commodity hoarding one by one check consumer enthusiasm. Therefore, the majority of consumers had a "deficit", began to sound — "businesses you can put the prices of the real point, with the" full ", the discount discount, don’t double after eleven, this is to deceive the


indeed, in order to better supervise and control does not match the real situation with the double eleven prices this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued various policies to discourage stop price is to give you a business ahead of a good shot, let 2014 double eleven less cheating, more affordable! > promotion to be sincere, shopping needs rational, buyers and sellers and line and cherish


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