With the purchase of cross-border electricity supplier hot secret a little bit was opened

The price is

, the rise of the initiator of evil and the decline of the remote event.

buy a LV handbag to the best French Paris province to spread down can buy another LV handbags; China half is the price of a jar of A2 milk in Australia; if you want to buy Coach, the outlet is the best option accepted…… Chinese consumers are looking for cheaper, better quality products globally.


in 2008 after the domestic milk, consumers are no longer naive, to win the trust. The issue of food safety has led to a lack of consumer confidence in the market outside the reverie. Thanks to the Internet, they have found a new way to buy, please buy a person in another country, sent back through the logistics agency.

in the price of attractive, as transparent as possible communication, private purchasing seems very reliable. These purchasing, who may be a young student, is one of the few able to emigrate to the Chinese, is dragging the box flying air hostesses……

suspicious consumers can see traces through the circle of friends, friends gather to evaluate the credibility of their valuation.

purchasing their story is the beginning of this. They are friends of domestic consumers, is one of the most active participants in the consumer market.


Craty, Hebei, Taobao store buyers of luxury and the owner of mr.. 2011 involved in purchasing industry, the main purchasing luxury goods, less than two members of the team, have their own transport company, is in the upper reaches of the industrial chain purchasing, the highest turnover reached $sixty million.

recently, Craty cut off relations with two close business partners: first, ended with a cross-border cooperation; second, the relationship ended and a domestic line. Purchasing business is being brought in by the new cross-border electricity supplier, multinational brands to come to the local and frequent action of the national policy to rebuild the rules of the game, the rules are not Craty.

purchasing into a small player, not a lot of chips Craty, the days are not better than before. The most let the traders value profit margins fell from the axis, watch the gross profit decreased from 8%-10% to 3%-4%; LV, Dior handbags gross margin decreased from 40% to 10%; from 200% cut to 100% Hermes bag. Data show the naked Spanish purchasing dilemma.

Craty maximum pressure from people who have been assembled rapidly — huge monster cross-border electricity supplier. In 2016 the cross-border electricity supplier has not only direct the guests around the world, will also purchase income under the command, control and logistics industry, the establishment of free trade zone in China, set up warehouses in foreign countries, there are large investment institutions and the support platform, big data consumption continued to produce the blessing…… These monsters are covered with a variety of banknotes, big companies and other badges of the monster to bring new rules of the game at the same time, also

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