Selling furniture on the nternet, can sell the next KEA

to become a IKEA, you must sell enough, sell cheap enough, if you use the electricity supplier to do the way, more than the physical business advantage?

5 years ago, China from Foshan businessman Lining and British retail business online travel company founder Brent Hoberman, Chloe Macintosh and Julien Callede et al in England co founded the furniture business website, they will be the exclusive furniture design drawings posted on the website, by consumers voted favorite style furniture the design of users to vote to elect the China directly in the factory orders, and then to sell products to consumers around the world by sea.

2014, has been considered one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, one after another opened in London, two entity exhibition hall, is currently preparing to deal on the London Stock exchange. official website wrote such a sentence: "can afford the price to buy the original furniture design". When interviewed 4 months ago, the original furniture platform "founder" for artificial Shu also expressed similar ideas to us, her target customer is in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen first-tier cities work after "85", "two or three years of graduation or when the tenants often buy are IKEA products. Now slowly to marry older, the taste is not bad, know how to appreciate the design, by the impact of the Internet is deep, a small family average annual income of around 200 thousand."

and artificial mode, and almost as though Shu as like as two peas, more emphasis on the investment of resources in their own design.

the evening of June 15th, made the official website revision after the line, hit the "farewell to the old life" theme, the "old life" refers to the figurative, outdated, clumsy, expensive furniture. With the debut of the new website, Luca Nichetto, Max Gerthel, Sarah Bö ttger 6 international designers to make tailor-made chairs, shelves, racks and other combined bed and 13 single product Home Furnishing.

is an established less than 10 months of small companies, made the most eye-catching furniture is not electricity supplier in this business model, but its longluo live name designers and their works. Before the mass release products, or announce the signing of Luca Nichetto, Tim Power, Sarah ttger, Form Us With Bö Love, MUT Design and Max Gerthel and other European first-line designers, and Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa and Taiwan.

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