Loss of Le bee network, vip.com will not pull the hind legs Vip.com will be how to treat

vip.com’s fourth quarter results far exceeded Wall Street expectations, stock prices would rise, March 4th intraday market capitalization topped $10 billion mark, after becoming the Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo Chinese Internet fourth listed companies. Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other enterprises have been left behind. We are interested in is what is vip.com? You know there are some other commercial enterprises listed overseas, such as Mcglaughlin, dangdang.com and so on, of course, there are other listed companies, but why vip.com can achieve such results? What are the places worth exploring behind

?In fact, from the beginning of this year, vip.com’s acquisition of

Lasafo, shares of Oriental fashion can glimpse evident, vip.com large waist more. Such a big pen is bound to have sufficient funds and capital support. Today’s fourth quarter earnings beyond all expectations good, just proves why vip.com to attack. Inherent in the category of vip.com has done quite well, naturally want to expand the boundaries, open up a new battlefield for their continued growth. Vip.com from the initial listing of the $more than 200 million market capitalization, to today’s market value of billions of dollars, an increase of 50 times in the past 2 years. What speed is this? Why is vip.com playing the part?

there are several reasons: first, China’s retail market continued to boom. Here that the retail market is mainly refers to the online shopping market, China market has been emphasized to stimulate consumption, but the traditional consumption growth is relatively limited, but the popular online shopping market is continuous, growing from two consecutive years of singles leveraging market value can see the original driving force of the online shopping market is very strong. The potential to drive online shopping market is a potential factor in stimulating prices.

talk about the value of the return and let the space, see the temptation to simply give the price, although the discount after the first shill and not as tricky, but some real profit space has spurred enough users to sought, and eventually bring a similar blowout market. While vip.com holds one of the world itself has a strong market competitiveness, according to Deutsche Bank published the investment report: vip.com in fact has led the Chinese discount retail market. Vip.com management performance is expected to be relatively conservative, and has excellent execution capability is the main reason for rising market capitalization of vip.com.

two is the source of the mobile end of the stimulus from vip.com this quarter, a prominent highlight in the earnings report from the mobile terminal. According to vip.com chairman Shen Ya revealed in a conference call, the first quarter of last year, the mobile terminal only accounted for 8% of sales, while in the four quarter of this proportion had increased to 23% last month, this proportion increased to more than 1/3. Ya Shen said, the mobile terminal and PC end user customer price, purchase frequency, shopping hours are not much worse, but the purchasing power of the mobile terminal weekend more than the usual working day, in addition, the mobile terminal users shopping at night is crazy.

is more important, the mobile terminal to get new customers to lower than the cost of PC. This is intentional >

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