The electronic commerce industry cluster from Yiwu and Huaqiang North to start

He Hongwei, founder of

million mall a little trouble recently, although in recent years his business kept high-speed growth, this year’s turnover of nearly 100 million yuan, but the scale is larger, the more he felt the bottleneck.

was founded in 2006 is a million mall stationed in Yiwu B2B platform, commodity clusters rooted in Yiwu, 10000 mall has become one of Yiwu’s largest independent B2B platform. On 2005, He Hongwei due to university graduates looking for work around the wall, had Taobao opened a shop, selling various goods from Yiwu small commodity city into, including the lamp and the peculiar shape of the children’s toys, color colorful umbrellas mean, small commodity has a superb collection of beautiful things. Later, because of the growing size of the business, in 2006 He Hongwei opened an independent B2B online mall.

because of its low price, warm service, million mall with word-of-mouth in trader, the business bigger and bigger, the current scale has covered more than and 10 major categories of more than 5000 kinds of commodities. In the years since the start of the business, He Hongwei has moved to move the warehouse office. Two years ago, when I went to interview him, He Hongwei stood in a messy more than 3 thousand square meters of new warehouse, said his goal is to move the small commodity market in Yiwu. Now his warehouse is more than 6 thousand square meters.

in Yiwu, every day it is possible to set up the B2B million mall platform, because the supply is too rich, and the price is so cheap and attractive. Here is the world’s largest commodity market – an area of 1200 acres of Yiwu International Trade City, gathered more than 50 thousand businesses. If in each shop before the stop for a minute, 8 hours per day, spent 3 months out of the whole market.

Yiwu commodity market is almost no retail products, are sold through a large number of wholesale, is still in a state of economies of scale. These Made in China small goods shipped to all parts of the world, once the brand, the price will turn many times.

is not only cheap, Yiwu commodity market is also a feature of a strong professional. Here a collection of 41 industries in 1901 major categories of more than 40 kinds of commodities, and formed a China Commodity City as the core, including 11 professional market communication, household appliances, second-hand, Auto City, decoration City, and more than and 20 professional Street support, transportation, property rights, labor market matching market system. In the mature professional market system, procurement from various countries becomes simple and easy.

is a small commodity in Yiwu ocean into a steady stream of vitality, is a rich industrial clusters in Yiwu. Here have knitted socks, jewelry, crafts, toys, zipper, wool and other 16 major competitive advantage industry. 2010 Yiwu Commodity City turnover of 40 billion 600 million yuan.

compared to other small commodity city sales platform of the Internet, He Hongwei created a million mall of the richly endowed by nature.

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