nternet plus era vertical electric burn how to jump out of the circle

introduction: O2O had to admit that, in most areas, through the burn to seize market share and win over users is still the most simple and effective means. Vertical class electricity supplier how to break the curse of the deep loss? The upstream supply chain; the highlight line experience, build O2O closed loop; the precision marketing; warehousing logistics is the priority among priorities.


in 2014, the "national entrepreneurship" boom in 2015 is still continuing, but I believe most entrepreneurs have a clear feeling that the money is not as good as investors had to take. Capital venture capital has become cautious in 2015, the same is a more obvious change is that as long as the venture capital projects are willing to drop huge capital admission, it can be described as very obvious polarization.

I do not know when to start, O2O industry is more and more pay attention to "the two words burn. No matter who does O2O, have made no money declaration, claiming to cultivate the market, improve user stickiness. Have to admit, in most of the O2O in the field by burn to seize the market share and win over users is still the most simple and effective means, and with the influx of capital, is a breeding ground for the O2O burn mode, and gradually formed the industry practice. From the earliest "thousand group war" to today’s taxi market, takeaway market, tourism market, community market, the war intensified burn.

but the reality often like to give people a pot of cold water. After the extensive burning movement of entrepreneurs and investors gradually become clear and rational, practice a knowledge – burn is not O2O business. In the liquor business as an example, from the 7 round of financing 1 billion 430 million yuan to buy the brewmaster network, Goethe Ying Xiang also buy wine, green barley in the acquisition of the wine and other wine enterprises, without exception, have lying guns burn sequence".

for vertical electric burn into the cycle of this phenomenon, interviewed billion euros net product is still wine founder and CEO Zhang Huijun, Zhang Huijun

1, in the current market, the field of electronic commerce net loss rate of 20% is extremely unusual and even deformity;

electronic commerce 2, under normal circumstances, the net loss rate should be maintained at between 4%-5%, 7%-8% is actually a dangerous signal;

3, burn is an acceptable means of promotion, but durative burn is playing with fire". A successful enterprise, must be able to control the rhythm of the burn.

then the vertical class electricity supplier how to break the continued loss of the spell? Zhang Huijun share 4 tips to billion euros net:

: a key upstream supply chain


Zhang Huijun said to the million European network, whether the product is fidelity consumers are most concerned about the problem, had previously had a number of home appliance business websites have repeatedly caught selling fake storm. With the integrated business through large data to guide the upstream production, cultivating the upstream supply chain become vertical >

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