Li Rui’s visit to the network network VNEXPO Hongkong wine show overweight overseas strategy

news May 25th, LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui yesterday went to Hongkong to attend the 2016 VINEXPO convention, and comprehensively promote the landing of overseas strategic network network: Li Rui and concha Asia executive Cristian LOPEZ signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, deepen brand cooperation; and Mouton winery owner Philippe Rothschild on Sereys de products import and export cooperation exchange opinions; reached a strategic cooperation agreement with VINEXPO CEO Guillaume DEGLISE. Including the purchase of overseas wineries, capital mergers and acquisitions, wine investment and other news was implemented.

VINEXPO is one of the world’s most professional and outstanding wine exhibition. 2016VINEXPO invited more than 1 thousand and 300 exhibitors from 35 countries to participate in the exhibition, the Convention and exhibition platform to promote the domestic real estate business interaction with overseas wine traders.

network network and concha group, Mouton Rothschild, VINEXPO joined forces

During the

2016 VINEXPO, overseas strategic network network breakthrough

VINEXPO, vice chairman of the board, as the holding network network CEO Li Rui and concha Asia executive Cristian LOPEZ jointly signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, the two sides to strengthen the brand and product level cooperation. Network network become dry the American wine product series China agent: the introduction including but not limited to Little Black Dress series, Bonterra series, 1000Stories series high performance Wine wine producing areas in California. To create a differentiated product brand competitiveness with the distinctive style and positioning of product segments. At the same time, the two sides reached a consensus on the good potential of American wine in the Chinese market, and is determined to join forces to strengthen the United States dry product line output capacity in China, does not rule out the acquisition of overseas wineries level cooperation.


network network CEO Li Rui and chief executive of Cristian LOPEZ Asia dry signed a strategic cooperation memorandum

previously, exposure group and network network to jointly build the rigorous CP2C model fire rose (Naynay) Wine series, will get stronger quality guarantee and promote Chinese market penetration. The future, the two sides will follow the CP2C model, developed a new China for consumers drinking habits of American Wine, through brand operation ability and strong ecological model of network network, to create "fire rose" upgrade version of the phenomenal product.


Li Rui and Mouton Sereys de winery owner Philippe Rothschild

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