Tact rhyme cancelled cargo qualification rhyme said still sent airmail

daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Wang Cuiyi) accident air freight enterprises recently occurred in succession, and the bad behavior of false goods, hidden transport of dangerous goods, forcing the Chinese Air Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Aviation Association) opened the largest ticket. Including tact, several companies before the date of cancellation of air freight agent qualification, at the same time by the China Aviation Association led the largest civil aviation freight forwarding industry consolidation also launched an emergency.

such a large-scale clean-up, in the air freight forwarding industry is unprecedented." China Aviation Association Secretary General Wei Zhenzhong stressed.

Capital Airport Airport district police station director Li Hong also pointed out that the police station was founded four years ago, air freight violations almost every day. This year, according to incomplete statistics, the police station to deal with all kinds of aviation contraband cases on more than 280 cases, which brings a huge risk to aviation security. In view of the current transportation safety situation is grim, the China Aviation Association also announced that in the period of rectification will be suspended approval for freight agent qualification, illegal enterprises will strictly and promptly.

for the rectification of air cargo agents mainly due to the October 22nd China Southern Airlines flight CZ6524 landed in Liaoning, Dalian after the occurrence of fuel combustion. The reason for the package of the goods fire fuzee spontaneous combustion, and the products are 4.1 kinds of dangerous goods embargo. Then the tact, rhyme, exchange, Qi Hao four companies after being found guilty of irregularities and revoked air freight agent qualification, the airline also terminate the relevant cooperation, not carrying the goods lanshou.

at present, the above penalties have begun to attract the two courier companies have a certain impact on the business. Yesterday, Yuantong express courier told reporters, compared with the past, the recipient decreased by 20%, "this is probably the most severe punishment we have tact". However, for one thing, Yuantong Express responsible person has pointed out that the misreading of the punishment for the China Aviation association. The responsible person, express business and shipping business are also hanging in the Yuantong express company name, just in charge of the shipping business to get a ticket, express the amount of the shipping transportation accounted for about 10% of the whole Yuantong express shipping express.

rhyme express Beijing District relevant responsible person said, "the company is mainly in the form of land, less than 10% of the express shipping go form, and the rhyme can still be normal airmail".

Express Consulting chief consultant Xu Yong believes that the punishment of the Association for the express courier companies are more significant than the actual meaning of warning. For courier companies, and the development trend of punishment can not stop the shipment from trucks to shipping. Analysis of industry experts another anonymous, the enterprise’s "cargo ban" is not permanent, a few months of illegal companies is likely to re apply for the air transport agency qualification, can be said that the illegal cost is low.

Wei Zhenzhong admitted that in order to allow the healthy development of the air freight forwarding industry, is not just a rectification can be achieved. In addition, he

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