Rebate door the era of consumption, my rebate who call the shots

the development of the Internet is always so fast, the merchant is always so keen sense of smell. Various promotions emerge in an endless stream, with free delivery, group purchase seckill, have been gradually known and accepted, also a new way of consumption also began to enter the user’s vision, quietly began to spread, and gradually become a part of the consumer online shopping life, this kind of consumption style is the rebate.

traditional offline sales, it is a popular way to get a commission agent, and with the rapid spread of the network, this approach also began to appear in the site. The rebate website belongs to this kind of commission mode as a rebate door webmaster, I am glad to show the new model, for the user, can reduce the consumption cost; for us, more an opportunity. Okay, well, today the rebate door through their own experience with the current form, and everyone on the whole of the rebate website drip, also welcome.


what is the rebate?

rebate with a word is popular in terms of business and you a commission. The nature of the group purchase rebates and although different, but behind all the same, is through the website for businesses to pull more customers, so as to achieve more sales, and businesses will take part of the Commission to the website, the website will put these commissions a portion to the user, known as rebate. Sales of the line is generally divided into a will give agents, the rebate website from a broad sense also belongs to agents. In the rebate website a lot of goods do not make money even a little money to sell, as is the rebate and commission. For businesses, this has three advantages, one is to improve the visibility, more users to consumer website will remember the brand; two is to reduce inventory, inventory is a cost for businesses, reduce inventory cost is reduced; the three is a fast turnover, quick turnover is favorable for any businesses. So, this win-win rebate mode in group purchase became popular, quickly became another Internet star model". Another aspect is the rapid development of the rebate operation, take rebate door, need only three steps to realize the shopping rebates, I use a graph to explain.


from the chart you can see, the use of the rebate door and Taobao shopping as easy, after all, if it is too complicated, the steps that need to link, users will not buy it, one of the characteristics of online shopping is convenient in time, so the rebate website is made as simple as possible, the operation as simple as possible that can meet most of the needs of users.

What are the benefits of


rebate the benefits of using a word to describe is to save money. From the literal meaning can be fully understood, if there are three benefits of segmentation. For example, the rebate door, the original 100 yuan product you can get 10 yuan or more of the rebate, which is equivalent to their own, so this.

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