Customer Qi Qi Kai with the new domain name renamed the people’s network

April 22nd afternoon news, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, classified information website set Qi Chinese company ( has quietly started a new domain name ( As part of the replacement of corporate brand initiatives, Kijiji will be renamed "people" network.

public information display, customer collection Qi (Kijiji) is a member of the global eBay, its Chinese company was founded in 2005 by eBay in Shanghai. Today, Kijiji brands include Kijiji, Gumtree, LoQUo, Intoko, and Marktplaats, Kijiji site covers 20 cities and regions in the world’s more than and 300 cities.

‘s "Qi Qi Qi" is the transliteration of Kijiji, and the meaning of "Kijiji" in "Vasily" is the meaning of "village", which has been trying to create a new way to communicate with people in the city. However, "set off earlier in the China name Qi" by netizens is not good, so in this transition is enabled in "the localized name people".

it is worth noting that the original plan to set off together on Thursday (22 days) officially announced the matter, but the plan was cancelled, there are rumors that this plan has not satisfied the eBay name. Before the deadline, the guest is collected in Sina Technology did not respond to this connection.

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