NetEase koala sea purchase push New Year bright new season flagship authentic cheap

along with the approaching Spring Festival, the new year, the New Zealand koala sea purchase also scheduled arrival. From February 3rd to February 5th, three days of "New Year bright new season officially opened. It is reported that the new NetEase koala sea purchase online over 50 weeks every big super heavyweight, 1000, beauty makeup, maternal delicacy, global nutrition and health care, clothing shoes, bags, digital home appliances category of the new official debut. In order to ensure the pre holiday efforts, NetEase also launched a koala sea purchase audience full of 99 back to 300 huge benefit activities.


more than one thousand new product exposure 2 special opening grab

today, NetEase koala sea purchase "New Year bright new season officially started preheating. Bao Songyi, akasugu freshman, Arla, ZOJIRUSHI, Pouch, SKATER, POLA, PETERTHOMASROTH, Spatreatment, KERASTASE, CHEFTOPF, Picasso and other over 50 big names over a thousand new advance exposure.

to meet the user needs before the stockpile, the NetEase launched a premium koala sea purchase discount equipment and two special Valentine’s day. Among them, the main value discount equipment do not increase the amount of stockpile more cost-effective "theme, the daily price of 259 yuan per bottle of German iron element as low as 99 yuan, 4 packs of NB Kao diapers is only 356 yuan, equivalent to 89 yuan in 96, the price advantage is obvious.

a special Valentine’s day to send, send the main goddess male god Express gift, cleansing instrument, relates to perfume, chocolate, scarves, bags, shoes, health care products, bracelet, shavers, lighters and other occasion when should and the conventional gift. Among them, the most popular Japanese snack white lovers chocolate biscuits as low as 59 yuan.

audience as low as 1 yuan to support the full return of 99 300

it is understood that in February 3rd the official opening of the "New Year bright new season to keep NetEase koala sea purchase" price butcher "features, the main genuine price, the lowest 1 yuan. During the event, the NetEase launched a total purchase of Koala sea drive, big explosion of new and classic hot three area, divided into specific imported milk powder, baby diapers, big, beauty make-up, life, delicacy, Home Furnishing imports of nutrition and health care, clothing shoes, bags, digital home appliances and overseas direct mail ten venue, the audience straight down in the end.

with the aid of self supply chain system matures, big promotion period, the NetEase launched a lot of Koala sea purchase explosion: maternal, Kao diapers as low as 59 yuan, the lowest 93 yuan per pot Holland Kraal, puree as low as 6 yuan; beauty, Estee Lauder pomegranate skin care three pieces of only 749 yuan, part of the big beauty products, such as the Royal honey bee venom mask butter, Clinique, Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream, L’OCCITANE hand cream gift set, more support is full of 2 minus 50 yuan discount. In addition, red brown sugar as low as 29.9 yuan Burberry, the lowest 499>

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