Some problems related to the domain name shady

      recently, a reader to reflect the DoNews, the domestic part of the domain name registration institutions suspected of using customer advisory materials secretly cybersquatting, after their transfer.

  according to some readers, in recent months, there are QiSheng electronics, Guangzhou Automotive Group, Meizu MP3, Hainan airlines and many other well-known enterprises is "occupation Chinese domain name, domain name registration services" cybersquatting case, which was registered by the same experience, the first is the query system of registered institutions in the domain name, then found that the original is not registered the domain name was registered suddenly.

    before all individuals in the registered.CN domain name, now even some in domain name registration enterprise CNNIC star on the list are also using their powers plundered domain resources. Now, they registered domain names has greatly exceeded the person registered a domain name registration agency insiders Leung told reporters after the domain name registration shady.

Mr Leung said,.CN

  domain name registration is millions of dollars to sell high and the domain name dispute resolution way to amend the stimulus because of, some of the original legitimate business domain name registration services, began to join the ranks of cybersquatters, such institutions with their own familiar with the domain name business process and is connected with the database management agency channel convenience, a large number of registered enterprises belonging to various domain identification, and the use of some enterprises trouble psychology, plus one times the price to sell at a profit.

  he revealed to reporters the registration process, domain name registration agencies are usually in the registration process received business consulting related after the first rush registered in the enterprise before, when enterprises formally submitted an application for registration, told the enterprise of the domain name has been registered.

  in the enterprise to consult them; because the domain name registration business at the same time, the information needs of the business user, so quickly registered then turned to sell, targeted strong, often succeed. Mr Leung told reporters, "now a Chinese domestic domain name registration price is 280 yuan, enterprises should pay back to more than 600 yuan. For enterprises, 300 yuan, $400 is nothing, so there are many enterprises, especially large enterprises will recognize".

      I have tried to be registered in some famous domain name registrar inquires if domain name, when I go to register in 10 minutes, has been registered, it is best to find some domain name registrar without sales registered there, (renamed China / Internet era is best not to query. It is a vampire)

      I suggest you put money into account or not in charge of buying and selling of individual business registration business registration, so you want to name it will not give The early bird catches.


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