The ename CN domain ultra low-cost 8 yuan per year

          CN domain name in 06 years promotional activities. The new network at the end of the year 20/ /, civilink then 17 yuan / year /   on the previous two years ago, the domain name of 280 yuan a year, is surprising, eye-opening, also let us see the hope of cn. Under the company promotions. Cn domain name registration amount exceeded the international domain name registration.  


            2007 Spring Festival is approaching, "China in the golden pig spring days, good news came Live, launched by Microsoft and renamed the live cooperation service, has become the region’s largest Chinese live mail services, this performance was certainly Microsoft headquarters. In addition, the majority of users concerned about the parking system will be officially opened,.Com domain name registration will also be on-line. In support of Microsoft headquarters, renamed Chinese decided to repay the majority of users on the occasion of the new year, the first batch of " ename investor " gold certification qualification.

          from February 12th to February 25th, as long as the disposable income of over 1000 yuan of the user, can low discount price of 8 yuan to the domain name pre registration, this activity is limited to new.Cn/ domain name registration, excluding renewals and transfer.  8 yuan plan China renamed the

activity price: 8 yuan / year, registered for 1 years. Active object: disposable income over 1000 yuan pre registration period: February 12th to February 25th, according to the pre registration system will have to submit a formal registration order. The scope of activities: limited to newly registered.Cn/, excluding renewals and transfer.           estimation of this activity. Will stir up a wave of CN registration market. You are crazy to dig CN domain resources. Cn domain name is good writings make people copy them.  

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