How to solve the electricity supplier electricity supplier talent problem

talent is one of the obstacles the development of the electricity supplier, believe that every business enterprise more or less have this problem, as a rapidly developing e-commerce industry itself, this talent is relatively small. Then the face of electricity supplier talent we have to understand the following reasons:

first, the development of the electricity supplier industry too fast, can not be like other industries can slowly cultivate talent, resulting in a serious shortage of talent, which is also related to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years.

second, some of the people engaged in electricity supplier in the early days of their own is slowly trying, there is not much awareness or ability to train, etc., many companies are relying on the boss in their own exploration.

third, there is a very strong practical experience for the electricity supplier industry needs talent, for e-commerce professional school basically cannot meet this demand, there is no good training institutions plus, leading e-commerce personnel of many enterprises did not dare to just come out.

fourth, the rapid development of the electricity supplier but the level of development is relatively low, most of the electricity supplier are just the beginning of the stage, for wages, working environment, and so there is no way to attract senior talent.

these issues are worthy of our electricity supplier personnel think, but in the face of these problems, "said Ma Ali had to serve as president of the University of Taobao" and so many commercial enterprises are paying attention to this, but really expect this to solve the above problems? I think this alone is very difficult to solve these problems by the author. Concern about the electricity supplier development puzzle hall mall, solve the small business enterprise to better talent, you can start from the following points:

: the first enterprise expansion team size do not blindly, because the more staff, but significantly more difficult to manage, do not have the experience for the electricity supplier itself greatly restricts the development of the company, proposed personnel control between 10-15. From another point of view, the company itself does not have a lot of electricity supplier experience, which can bring out the team where good?

second: do not have to let their own things to do, can be outsourced to others to do to outsource to others to do, do not encounter some difficulties immediately to recruit people in this area to solve. Remember, many people do not necessarily work efficiency will be good, not to mention the new electricity supplier industry?

best: the training of talented people is more important than the new recruit talent, but also more important than the high salary digging. This is a lot of companies do not agree with this, leading to a lot of high salaries to dig people come in, did not achieve the desired results. Is to pay attention to the value of staff training for personnel, the staff, who can’t imagine working for the man


written in the end, we need the talents construction business enterprise efforts, only with the electricity supplier personnel, can let you in the fierce competition in the talent shows itself 2013 of the electricity supplier industry! The original article by puzzle hall early mall, please indicate the

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