Under the age of the United States, the embarrassment of the operation of the group

since 2012 electricity market is winter, group purchase has experienced a baptism of countless, group purchase rebate site failures, industry resources has been further integrated, adjusted to now, basically the rest of the U.S. group, glutinous rice and other little strong to continue to operate. In particular, the United States mission, not only because of the electricity supplier in winter to make the performance of blocked, but because of the winter to help themselves get rid of a few relatively large competitors, and with this advantage to achieve greater development. Now has grown to buy the industry deserved king, but any one industry can not be too easy to enjoy the existing achievements, otherwise it will be like NOKIA, Kodak as a historical memory.

but now the U.S. group still faces many unfavorable factors, except those bright sales data, these risks is the U.S. group should grasp and attention. Talent strategy is always the core idea of beauty group operation, even in the cold of winter, still continue to use the BMW marketing group to recruit people, this has left a good reputation in the industry. However, the recent occurrence of the United States Mission Network for pregnant women dismissed the incident, the focus of public opinion will focus on the. In some cases, the rapid development of a business will cover up a lot of problems, but when the speed of development will slow down after all the problems highlighted. Beauty is such a case, through the development of a certain size, the United States mission enterprise scale has been considerable, but at the same time, the United States mission personnel efficiency and performance appraisal is the case with Its loopholes appeared one after another., just we can see that staff performance appraisal is largely man-made checks, so the operation is very strong, it is easy because of the internal competition and the loss of talents, secondly, the big enterprise disease will also let the beauty group lost power forward, when everyone started thinking about their own interests, rather than the previous king, who can guarantee the United States mission will have a good future? There is a conjecture, meituan is fierce internal competition, it is also possible that the soon to be listed because, hey, People will talk.

in addition to the talent strategy in the U.S. group also damaged, experiencing the vip.com sale site impact, if you see Nike basketball shoes price 500 yuan, if you see Lining Jersey 179 of the original price of only 59 yuan, you can think of but not absolute group purchase and sale. Yes, the rise of the sale site makes the lower edge of the site itself and group purchase, although the sale site now scope and limitations, but who can guarantee the future sale of goods will not cover more? Now there have been physical consumption group purchase website downward trend, the future will have what performance? According to the group 800 data show that at this stage of the brand oriented group purchase more reflected in the US are more likely to idle away in seeking pleasure, accept this service, the real group purchase but few people interested, exactly we think that group purchase only sell not sell clothes, idle away in seeking pleasure, this is the largest short board development at present the lack of awareness of group purchase, users of the people really awful, and rise in the vip.com sale website, the future of the group purchase price.

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