is the first person to introduce electricity supplier is responsible for the original Al

April 11th news, official confirmed that the former Alibaba executives Hong Bo will join, is fully responsible for the electricity supplier business. Hong Bo had in the name of the Alibaba sound Valley, was responsible for the Taobao life market, Taobao local life division, and 1688 industry operations.

billion state power network has learned, it is beautiful to say the merger is introduced for the first time in charge of the electricity supplier, after business by the founder and CEO June, co-founder and CTO Yue Xuqiang Co.

figure for the original Ali executives Hong Bo

up to now, has gone through the four transformation, by the transformation of the community electricity supplier purchasing electricity supplier, and later transformed into C2C platform, the end of the beginning of the transition to do social electricity supplier. side said that the Hong Bo join, will further promote the innovation of in the field of combining fashion media and fashion consumption.

is reported that at the beginning of this year,, said the United States announced the merger, the new company CEO by June served as a beautiful, said the original CEO Xu Yirong exit.

up to now, has 130 million registered users, more than 10 million active users. Sources said earlier, has introduced a new round of financing, up to $300 million.

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