Jingdong Yan Soldier double 11 home appliances home court in Jingdong

once a year "double 11 online shopping Carnival Festival is coming, a new round of battle and kicks off. Recently, the general manager of Jingdong soldier group and vice president of home appliances division Yan said: "Jingdong" is the main position of double 11 online shopping appliances, all the needs of consumers can get the maximum satisfaction in Jingdong. We do not seek to reduce the number of single day sales figures, the pursuit of the whole year to maximize the consumer shopping experience." Yan Xiaobing more signalled the double 11 day Jingdong will put a lot of competitors in the annual maximum intensity equal to or lower the pre-sale price of household appliances explosive materials, when consumers can easily purchase, do not need to be completely seemingly attractive sale early binding.

as the largest self electric commercial enterprises China Jingdong, with 58% market share in the field of home appliances online shopping list (the first half of 2014 home appliances online shopping analysis report "data from the Ministry issued"), firmly occupy half of the country, all competitors far behind. It is because of tight in the top spot in the online shopping appliance, and the pursuers widening the gap of household electrical appliances manufacturers pay more attention to the influence of Jingdong platform and sales ability in "double 11" is approaching, in the planning of their own "double 11" marketing resources is the Jingdong as the main positions of home appliances. According to Yan Xiaobing, "double 11" this year, all home appliance brands to cooperate with Jingdong with annual maximum support of the Jingdong to the Jingdong as their sales, sales have more than one home court, the explosion of dedication to the consumer. Jingdong appliance while strengthening C2B customized cooperation with suppliers, regardless of the number of brands and cooperation cooperation than last year has been significantly strengthened, "double 11" period will be customized products rich in large promotional efforts, to meet the individual needs of consumers. As a self electricity supplier, Jingdong home appliance to sell their goods with full autonomy, but also have a greater voice in the promotion policy, the promotion of authentic, not to engage in false gimmicks, will allow consumers to get the maximum benefit, is worth looking forward to.

swept across the Internet in the context of social economy, home appliance sales channels are moving quickly to the line. Jingdong with upstream suppliers of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation policy and to provide consumers with far more than the industry standard of quality service, to reshape the value of supply chain at the same time, also to establish the value of the one and only 3C business, become a household electrical appliance manufacturers and consumers to trust business. Yan soldier said, compared to the competition, the Jingdong has the advantage in the There is nothing comparable to this product and service and experience: Jingdong home appliances to maximize meet consumer demand as the core target, research focus on consumer demand, rely on the most user-friendly web design, the most abundant selection of goods, the most real and most efficient user evaluation the logistics distribution and the industry’s highest standards of price protection for 30 days, 30 days no reason to return, 180 days in case of quality problems in the new "customer service guarantee system, to provide one-stop service experience for consumers the best. As a self operated B2C electronic business platform, Jingdong pay more attention to their own commodity structure of rationality and forward-looking, with the most complete industry

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