Red child O2O mode driven Suning wireless maternal category sales surge

speed transit network "many mothers are worried that the computer radiation will bring to baby, so they are accustomed to using a mobile phone, PAD mobile client to buy baby products, such as shopping convenience and peace of mind whenever and wherever possible." mobile shopping department responsible person told the reporter.

survey shows that the average annual birth of 16 million newborns in China, while the new generation of maternal and child groups per capita annual consumption of up to $18000 to $5000. According to estimates, by 2015, China’s total maternal and child market is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan. Along with China’s baby into the birth of the golden ten years, a huge mother and baby market shows attractive business opportunities, more and more companies will treasure on the mobile e-commerce.

analysts pointed out that the move will be the mother and child in the field of the next flashpoint". It is understood that in the wave of mobile Internet, over the past one or two years there have been a lot of mobile applications related to mother and child.

"relying on the influence and appeal of Su Ninghong children in maternal and child products field, maternal and child products go into mobile e-commerce is a natural thing.", the official said, the mobile client will become the new trend of maternal and child products e-commerce development, maternal and child category is Suning radio star category. 2012 baby products from Suning wireless business has maintained a rapid growth, especially after April this year the red child fully integrated into the business, from Suning wireless has increased 20 times, the average daily orders exceeded 3000 pens, average daily traffic accounted for the overall flow of 10%~15%.

it is understood that from the beginning of May 13th, Su Ninghong children in Beijing, Shanghai and other eight city Suning chain began to try O2O sales model, Suning wireless is a key part of the red child O2O sales model. Consumers as long as the mobile phone Suning Suning wireless client products corresponding to the two-dimensional code can be added to the shopping cart, and then online payment can be purchased.

"red child O2O sales model not only for brings the actual sales growth, but also greatly enhance the visibility of in the mobile area. According to preliminary statistics, Suning wireless client downloads in the eight cities increased by 20%, the activation rate increased by 30%, especially in the category of maternal and child sales have improved significantly." mobile shopping department responsible person told the reporter.

according to the reporter, the Offline to Online red child shopping innovation mode, will Suning stores, mobile phone terminal and the Internet integration together, chain stores for commodity display, mobile phone terminal consumers experience the next line of drainage to the online consumer, the effective realization of the cross-border integration of shopping experience "". later in another development, will set the dynamic electronic screen in the chain store, online baby, beauty, clothing, department stores and other large business.

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