Quest the story behind the Taobao ECRM

news yesterday, Taobao ECRM can already achieve online membership identification, and through membership points to get through online and offline transaction information and other functions, and the idea of data open to old customers, ECRM management tools provided free of charge to the seller, the seller to help build their own membership system.


Taobao ECRM system architecture

we can see from the chart by Taobao ECRM, can realize the synchronous management of traditional enterprise online and offline membership points, such as a VIP user on the first day of the online stores under the consumption of 100 yuan, increased 100 points; similarly, the flagship store on the online user consumption over 200 yuan, also accumulated 200 points; but on the third, the user can take two common 300 points accumulated, the purchase of goods through price change way, improve the purchase frequency and user stickiness. From the point of view of the user stickiness, Taobao ECRM can really allow enterprises to establish long-term and stable business relationship with customers. But this can fundamentally solve the contradiction between the traditional enterprise electric shock line and line it?

from the surface, ECRM bring the intuitive and stable customer growth rate, in the case of Watsons, from mid March to July this year, try to use Taobao membership management tools, users increased from 5000 to 80 thousand binding. On the line a month’s time, every day to add new customers for the first time in the purchase of 13.4% from the membership card binding users.

through the phenomenon, you will find members of the increase of the traditional enterprise business road did not have much help, these bound members, most will want to buy the same store things on the Internet, thus more customer relationship from the store migration to the Taobao platform, but the housekeeper Electronic Commerce (366EC) according to the traditional enterprise electric shock, not only hope to open sales on the Internet, it is more important to the online customer resources are included in the CRM system of their own, rather than being carved up Taobao.


independent mall ECCRM layout schematic

as shown above, the traditional enterprise electric shock, store two members free, one is attracted to the Taobao ECRM, is a guide to the enterprise independent store in ECCRM, but we know that Taobao ECRM and enterprise separated, once transferred to the Taobao ECRM store membership, membership is gradually facing dry the dilemma, although this did not affect the sales of enterprises may even bring greater profits, but this? Independent mall ECCRM itself is owned by the enterprise management system, all customer resources are gathered in their own hands, and if the traditional enterprise electric shock has a three-dimensional pattern of electricity providers, can also want to through Taobao ECRM members lead to their own independent store in ECCRM, so that you can in your own independent store and >

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