Dialogue Temple library Yang Jingyi how to solve the problem of luxury fakes

days ago, high-end consumer service platform Chinese Temple library together with Tencent, McKinsey released a "white paper" luxury consumer network (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), based on the site actual consumption records, provide the user behavior data for luxury brands, help more brands to enter the platform.

is reported that the white paper on the temple library platform for nearly three years of user data for multi-dimensional perspective analysis, the luxury network consumption path as a model for the brand to provide user behavior data. Temple library founder and CEO Li Rixue said that the release of the white paper data mainly from the temple library mobile terminal, so I believe it will be close to 100% accuracy rate".

According to

analysis, the difference between groups in other network China luxury consumption group characteristics are: the proportion of male and female users is almost the same, 53% for female users; the average luxury consumption level of about 3000 yuan, the first single male consumers.


Temple library, said, through data analysis, the white paper found that high-end consumer groups in the attention of traditional luxury, while more and more emphasis on lifestyle. With the transformation of commodity consumption to service consumption, lifestyle will become the focus of the future of high-end consumer platform focus.

how to solve the problem of luxury electricity supplier of the most critical source of supply, the future deployment of the temple library, temple library did not mention in the general assembly. Fortunately, the temple library CMO Yang Jingyi accepted an interview with the blue TMT, the answer for us.

Temple library is more than a luxury electricity supplier

talked with friends around the temple library, we generally believe that this is a luxury electricity supplier, but in fact, the temple library has been extended to many areas outside the electricity supplier business.

Yang Jingyi of TMT said the blue whale, the temple library was founded in 2008, is the earliest started with electricity suppliers, sales category including bags, watches, jewelry, and even luxury cars, private aircraft. But the development so far, the temple library is not simply a luxury electricity supplier, which is more like the entrance of the first world, is a high-end life service platform.

, according to reports, today, the temple library has completed the temple library mall, temple library finance, temple auction, temple Library Intelligence, temple library media and temple library supply chain, such as the layout of the six business segments. To finance the temple library as an example, the temple library and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, MasterCard joint customized first global credit card.

in the temple of the six major business segments, the temple library mall led electricity supplier business is the core of the temple library luxury real experience clubs, luxury identification, maintenance services are electricity supplier business services. Since the establishment of eight years, the temple library has accumulated a high net worth of 15 million registered members, consumer members reached a total of about 1000000, and reached cooperation with the luxury brands in the more than 3 thousand.

talked about the temple library mall model, Yang Jingyi said that if you take Taobao and Jingdong as a reference, the temple library is more like Jingdong, with many brands of merchants settled in the temple

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