What is the real e-commerce

e-commerce is developing very fast, but also very blind. When asked what e-commerce is, I believe that one hundred people have a person ‘s argument, because it is difficult to define. So what exactly is e-commerce? That’s what I want to say.

e-commerce + e-commerce =

with the wide application and development of computer and Internet in China, many computer technology companies began to establish electronic information platform, which will match the needs of enterprises or individuals. For example, House365, Taobao, eBay and 51job, etc., are to some extent to meet the individual’s information acquisition or consumer demand. In the enterprise business demand side, Alibaba, global resources and Chinese manufacturing network as a platform to everyone for having heard it many times. This platform has attracted a lot of enterprises, enterprises in order to obtain their output and interests, to launch their own business and product information, will help the electronic information platform and improve the addition of a large amount of information, but also to attract buyers to a certain extent. In the context of increasing information, the platform also launched Banner advertising, ranking and other businesses, allowing companies to spend more money to get additional display or possible attention.

See if

, this kind of electronic information platform is the electronic wholesale market under our line, this is also a lot about the wholesale market or business park why take online electronic information platform to deepen the existing line service. In today’s business model, such a "wholesale market" model is not reflected in the characteristics of the enterprise, is not conducive to the development of the brand.

We also found that

will e-commerce model to electronic information platform as the core part of the business is to meet the demand, and these platforms will only intensify competition among peers, and even led to low price competition, too many companies cannot benefit from such a platform. It is more difficult to achieve, between the enterprise and the win-win platform provider.

commerce + e-commerce = e-business

I saw the drawbacks of electronic information platform as early as 3 years ago, and began to consider the new e-commerce model. Later, I found that the new e-commerce model should be based on the needs of enterprises as the core, the integration of electronic information technology as an auxiliary model.

business is the core of enterprise development, enterprises need to pay more attention to how to operate in good company, rather than spend a lot of manpower and resources to choose a variety of electronic channels to meet their business needs. That is, companies should focus on their business operations in the module, the module will not be commissioned or outsourced to a professional company to assist.

I am familiar with foreign trade enterprises as an example. Foreign trade enterprises need to carry out foreign trade marketing, e-commerce should be based on foreign trade marketing needs as the core of e-commerce. The purpose of foreign trade marketing is to get the attention of foreign buyers and inquiries. Enterprises to carry out e-commerce should be the focus of attention and inquiries to obtain foreign buyers, through a variety of electronic

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