Amoy car worry free to seek listing or second-hand car retail first stock

news April 11th, the day before, Jiangsu Amoy car free car management services Limited by Share Ltd formally applied to three new board listing. The domestic second-hand car business financing burn war in full swing on the occasion, Amoy car free to seek listing, or become the first domestic second-hand car retail stocks.

Amoy car worry Qi Xiaocheng, chairman of the board of directors accounted for 23.78% of the shares of the total, for the car to worry about the actual control of the. Chairman Qi Xiaocheng said that the Jiangsu Amoy car free group plans 2016 landed three new board, fought in the motherboard within two years.

According to the

revolution manual, Amoy Car Free 2013 year 2014 year, 1~11 2015 revenues were 1 million 659 thousand and 200 yuan, 6 million 417 thousand and 800 yuan, 18 million 280 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit was -319.16 million, -805.99 million, -2040.03 million yuan.

billion state power network to understand, Amoy car without the main business of second-hand car brokerage services, the company around the source of the car entrance "," user entrance "and" business management system "to" Online + offline "as the framework of the second-hand car trading platform O2O. Amoy car free to provide customers with online and offline second-hand car one-stop service, including car source collection, detection, assessment, certification test stores consignment, customer service warranty etc..

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It is reported that

, the Amoy car worry free operation for more than 6 months of the most profitable stores, but the company is still in the continuous expansion of the scale of the stage, the next line stores, online rental platform development, maintenance and other aspects of the user needs a larger cost, lead to performance of the company has greater volatility risk.

learned billion state power network, Amoy car free was founded in May 2010, the company’s building (Le Amoy car used car retail chain stores), Amoy car (micro shop service providers) and free repair (chain repair) service platform four, a total of 18 subsidiaries at all levels.

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