How to invest in domain names in 2009

December 25, 2008, China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC announcement: CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end on December 31, 2008. This marks the beginning of the first year of the suffix.Cn domain for the price of a dollar is about to terminate.


March 7, 2007 "CN domain 1 yuan experience activities held, Chinese Internet users to participate in the CN domain user experience, more growth for China’s Internet builders, to experience the application of CN domain name website, blog, e-mail and other Internet based on the. As of June 2008, the total number of sites website under the CN ratio increased from 43.6% in January 2007 to 71.3%, most websites have used the CN domain name, CN domain name users enter to access the site also has gradually formed the habit.

no country like China so crazy to sell their national domain name, through the nearly two years of promotion, CN domain name has become the world’s number one national top-level domain name.

2009, the direction of investment in the domain name, sun empty to talk about their views.

one, the main COM.

According to the

CN domain name after the market to adjust prices, registration and renewals cost will increase to some extent, but there are few CN domain name registration is the. No matter how, COM domain name has the leading position in the domain of investment value, but at present the impact of the international financial crisis and the winter, second-hand COM domain price is low, the appropriate acquisition will have good benefits.

two, digital CN domain name.

currently online reselling digital CN domain more, through long-term observation, found that more than four digital CN domain are of no value to talk about, unless there is a special significance, it is recommended that you not blindly shot.

three, digital COM domain name.

because COM is an international top-level domain, no input and language barriers and digital, so digital COM domain has a certain value to the collection, the five digit COM domain is four digits and good product phase are worthy of.

four, industry meters and other suffixes.

if there is no long-term plan, it is recommended not to invest in industry meters, the current industry market is not optimistic about the meter. The registration of other suffixes to consider the short time, current market reselling meters, at length is the most important, so do pretty short.

five, residual rice in hand.

in the hands of the residual m guess I don’t need to sell cheap, the PR value or have included filing meters is quite popular, if have no residual flow meters and what can do, considering binding some free space, waiting for the train and included the PR value, do some sales promotion at the same time, it can be sold.

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