What a mess of group purchase website users get the trust

suddenly like a night of spring breeze, buy site open everywhere.

yesterday I wrote an article on the Internet, there is no lack of model innovation, which mainly talked about the phenomenon of the group buying site was sought after. It seems to me recently observed, the domestic group purchase website has become a mess, users don’t know how to choose. You do not know which day to come up with a website, claiming to be able to use the most favorable price to buy, when you pay the site does not know, when will disappear in your browser.

not to mention the sudden emergence of group buying sites, and even the old Amazon, you do not know a single payment, when your goods can be delivered to your hands. A few days ago I was in the Amazon ordered several kind of goods, now in order not to even find, encountered such a situation, as the group purchase consumer users, and how to treat it? I don’t want it to happen, but uneven in quality group purchase website, what can give users safe consumption in particular? The network is the premise of the trust mechanism is not perfect, it will be a big problem.

another problem, of course, is to pay a few days ago, the central bank on the third party payment management approach, I believe there is no Internet people do not understand. If the payment provider, without a license, can not be defined as illegal payment? How to ensure that the interests of Internet users? In this will not be a major problem, according to some experts, some large third party payment service providers to get under the license is no problem. Can not get a license one day, it would be worrying about a day. Although I also believe that some sites can get a license, but I have no money in my third party payment platform. I’m afraid that if I don’t get a license, my savings will be a bubble overnight.

the last problem is regulation, of course, the relevant policies and regulations. In the face of such an industry chaos, how can the relevant departments do not intervene? If some sites with low discount banner, wantonly to deceive consumers, the relevant departments to blame. This is the industry as a whole, will also bring more risk. And not to mention the immature group buying site, and even now has matured third party payment, a day of policy changes, mandatory government licensing requirements, but also dare not guarantee the safety of one hundred percent. And buy site belongs to the obvious B2C mode, if the lack of strict regulation, will certainly lead to a lot of users were violated, this is a question. Of course, I would also like to see, because of the regulation of functional departments, so that the industry has become more standardized.

friends have asked me, you can buy things online. I say it is not impossible, the key to see if you can trust them. For a typical senior for online shopping, is not very trust group purchase website, after all, they do not form a kind of credibility, how to let me to trust? But in the current situation, who knows the website when I can still put up the shutters? Take it easy.

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