China’s e-commerce model and light company

first mentioned is the transfer of single mode. As its name, the online mall to accept consumer orders, orders and then transferred to the real commodity supplier from the mall, and then shipped to the consumer by the supplier. This single turn mode can be described as a light company structure: the mall itself does not stock. All operations are in the information flow, the main responsibility of the mall is to order process management.


mall first accepted consumer payment (credit card or online banking or Alipay), the money will be advanced to the mall’s pocket. When the vendor is not shipped 10 Fen of the time, and the mall every month to settle the sum with the supplier. In this model, the supplier must bear the pressure of inventory and financial pressure, because the goods have not yet received money.


this model is different from Taobao, in Taobao, consumers believe that the transaction is the supplier rather than Taobao. The transfer of single mode, consumers believe that the object of the transaction is the mall rather than suppliers, consumers are aware of the mall itself and the consumer brand, so the supplier does not exist for them.

because of the cognitive differences, leading to single mode of online mall must take pre-sale customer service customer service and return the responsibility, because of money, must bear the responsibility of invoices. This also led to a very good result in the past: the mall through the logistics to send invoices to consumers, and the supplier is to deliver goods to consumers, the two lead to the difficulty of the same time to send.


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