Tengzhou Public Security Bureau cracked a cybersquatting case

March 31st, Zaozhuang City, Tengzhou Public Security Bureau network monitoring unit to properly dispose of cybersquatting incidents together. Has been registered in the computer network domain name has been robbed of someone else, was robbed of the direction of the police for help, after police patience mediation, the two sides shook hands and.

February 10, 2007, Mr. Chen, a company manager in Tengzhou to the Internet to a domain name registration company, apply for the registration of their company’s domain name. As Mr. Chen’s business is in good condition, their domain names are well known in their customers.

in February 10th this year, the registered company to renew the domain name can be related, Mr. Chen was busy office relocation and forgot the matter. Until more than half a month later, Mr. Chen found that their company’s domain name has not been able to use. Contact with the domain name registration company staff after Mr. Chen learned that their company’s domain name has just been registered. Soon, Mr. Chen received a call from Mr. Zhang said the company, the company’s domain name has been registered Mr. Zhang, if Mr. Chen would like to continue to use, have to pay a certain amount of daily maintenance costs. "It is their own application for registration of the domain name, just because you forgot the time and renewals by others’ emergency ‘, to have to continue to use the" stolen "note party pay!" Mr. Chen think impassability, rejected the request of the other party. A few days later, Mr. Chen found that after clicking on their Internet domain name, the company is not seen in the past, the company’s products are introduced, but nothing to do with the company’s products. Helpless, Mr. Chen to the police for help.

police know things after mediation, the parties finally reached an agreement: Mr. Chen, Mr. Zhang to pay a certain fee, Mr. Zhang returned Mr. Chen original company name and be responsible for the daily maintenance of web content.

Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring unit relevant responsible person said, the domain name is the name of the network server system, similar to meet people in the daily life of the street number. Access to the Internet era, as a sign of contact on the Internet or the name of the network domain name has become a new business or personal assets. In general, after the registration of the domain name, each year only to the relevant domain name registration company to pay a certain fee, you can continue to use the domain name. But because the domain name "grab" is a new thing, the current international law and statute in most countries including our country law can not be found in "existing legal provisions are illegal grab note domain name, so many countries to deal with such cases or disputes generally follow the" first note first "practice, very to investigate the legal liability for the party to grab note. The official said, after the city had been such a grab note domain name behavior, but did not cause the grab party attention. Mr. Chen’s domain name was "grab" note event, indicating that some of the city’s lack of awareness of its network domain name protection. Here, the police hope that the city’s enterprises or individuals to enhance the protection of their registered domain name.

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