Wanda electricity supplier sector to enter the actual operation of the model the controversy trigger

From the beginning of this year, Wanda

came to the news of the electricity supplier, the recent substantial progress. News, recently, former Alibaba international technical director Gong Yitao has been appointed head of Wanda electricity supplier. Wanda Group insiders told reporters, Wanda electricity supplier sector has now been established and entered the actual operation phase, the relevant companies will be formally established in the near future.

spared no expense in the new attempt

earlier this year, Wanda came planning to enter the electricity supplier, paying recruiting news. In August, headhunting online can already see Wanda electricity supplier sector recruitment information, including ordinary "production engineers" annual salary of -38 million in 180 thousand, general manager of platform technology department is more than one million annual salary, the CEO is out of the annual salary of 2 million yuan price.

According to industry sources, in order to quickly let their electricity supplier business launched, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin had shouted in addition to Ma, Liu Qiangdong who can dig. Recruitment information shows that the future Wanda Group e-commerce company, the scale will be 10 thousand.

after nearly a year of preparation, Wanda electricity supplier has begun to sell.

inevitable move

previously, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin told the media that, Wanda to dointelligent square, combining online and offline, "Wanda such a big company, so many retail online resources, not too bad". According to Wang Jianlin’s plan, Wanda Group’s electricity supplier is the way: by e-commerce will be its business

real estate, luxury hotels, tourism, movie theaters and chain stores, the main business of the five main packaging line at the same time, the establishment of a virtual online commercial complex, and will form a unique model.

, the Internet and the entity business together, mutual assistance, which is an inevitable trend of future business development." Asia Pacific Institute of real estate Dean Zhu Lingbo told reporters.

Chinese e-commerce market is showing a bursting leap development. November 11th shopping carnival, Alibaba said, Alipay’s total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which 13 billion 200 million yuan Tmall, Taobao 5 billion 900 million yuan. In the Ministry of Commerce issued "on the day before the" 12th Five-Year "period to promote the development of retail industry guidance" statistics, as of June 30th last year, China’s Internet users reached 485 million, Internet penetration rate of 36.2%. Application of online shopping, online payment and online banking Internet users reached 173 million, respectively, 153 million and 150 million, accounting for the proportion of the total number of users were 35.6%, 31.6% and 31%. Data show that last year China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan, about 3.3% of total retail sales, and showed the trend of accelerated growth, the Ministry of Commerce said "to encourage large retail enterprises to open online mall".

in this context, the industry analysis, the asset size of more than 200 billion yuan of commercial real estate giant, >

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