The first half of suffered three stolen information user rights to hold together


gift card suffered a fraudulent user to build alliance activist

earlier this year before the user experience gift cards stolen (micro-blog), in March and the recent reoccurrence of information leaks mud. Many suffered fraudulent users told reporters, "although CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) to give us a message, promised to arrange staff to deal with, but has not yet been resolved, we can establish their own rights alliance, if necessary, will consider using legal means to safeguard their rights".

large user information streaking

"I Dangdang gift cards because your server is attacked, resulting in disclosure of user information, fraudulent, then there are thousands of yuan card, I have three times to Dangdang customer service, but they all answer to this irresponsible", a user account number revealed its security risk in January this year.

in late March, the same fraudulent events appear again in it is understood that many users reflect their gift card balance orders be deducted rather baffling to strangers, even the registered mail was also modified, and publish the order screenshot. In this case, the use of a frozen account balance, promised full compensation.

, however, the above commitment has not yet again to the recent encounter fraudulent users mentioned dangdang. Reporters recently found in micro-blog, the forum, dozens of users said it Dangdang gift cards stolen, the amount of each person’s stolen brush ranging from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars. "As soon as possible in order to resolve this matter, I also @ the Li Guoqing, he replied to me, saying" sorry, please put your registered account and contact way contact me, I let the staff to you, thank you! ", but did not see the people to take the initiative to look for me." users Miss Chen told reporters.

users are forced to Baotuan rights

"from complaints until now has been almost a month, my account can’t login, customer service told me they have alarm, let me continue to wait, the customer said" unless the police went to investigate Dangdang, Dangdang or could not have been more as "another user Lu Xian apparently dissatisfied with Dangdang mode.

reporter found from micro-blog, the current situation is still happening Dangdang gift card theft. The reporter learned from the public relations department of, currently for the June gift card theft, no compensation scheme, are still waiting for the results of the police investigation.

this, micro-blog called Little Buddha in the hell, the user admits, I think we have the right to form a coalition of these victims". In fact, the user has the same idea with the consumer there are few. According to the reporter, currently there are more than 20 users set up a rights alliance, want to rely on to hold together for compensation.

I had wanted to go to the police, but the Public Security Bureau said the amount of stolen brush less than 1000 yuan, refused to accept, I rely on the strength of a complaint

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